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Hi there :3. Ever since the multiplayer details have been released at CoD:XP, I thought it would be cool to share what I think of using in my custom classes. Really, it's quite self-exaplanatory. I will not be covering guns due to the fact that I have NO IDEA what guns will suit me and how they changed. Instead, I will try to go over everything else like Perks, Killstreaks Pointstreaks, and Equipment. Without further ado...

Ghost / Stealth / Sneak / Camper Class.

T1: Blind Eye

T2: Assassin

T3: Dead Silence

Strike Package: Support

L/T Grenades: Throwing Knives & Smoke Grenade

Using this class you will not be able to be detected by anything unless visually seen. Although Dead Silence's effects are not 100% FULLY confirmed, I'll just assume it is the same from past games. Because this class is not the best for full on engagement, the Assault SP won't come in as handy as the Support SP will. And because explosives make a loud "BOOMSHFH!!!", it would be smarter to use something just as lethal just quieter, like a "bink!". EMP grenades work real well here, although due to everything not detecting you anyways, portable screening seems to fit in quite well. Sniper classes and high mobility guns go quite well with this class in other games, so MW3 should also be no surprise.

Rusher / Speed / CTF Class.

T1: Extreme Conditioning

T2: Blast Shield

T3: Stalker

Strike Package: Assault

L/T Grenades: Semtex & (Concussion / T.I. / Scrambler Grenades)

Due to the absence of Lightweight, or any similar perk to it for that matter, rushing classes might actually change by alot. Since keeping your speed to it's max potential is important, Blast Shield can be helpful to reduce the effects of those pesky concussion grenades, in addition to giving you protection against Bouncing Betties and Claymores. Stalker can help you dodge bullets as you move and shoot at enemies, and it's pro effect will help you navigate through any tight corners quickly without fear of explosives that are set up. Scrambler grenades are great if you want to hit hard, fast, and at least cause some level of confusion. There are many things you can use for grenades like EMP grenades, though since with blast shield and (assuming) stalker pro, EMP grenades wouldn't help out too much.

Assault / Combat Class.

T1: Sleight of Hand / Scavenger

T2: Quickdraw / Hardline

T3: Steady Aim / SitRep

Strike Package: Specialist / Assault

L/T Grenades: (Frag / Semtex / C4) & (Any but T.I.)

Assault has to be the most flexible of them all, the trick would be in the gun choice. All of the above are obvious choices, though if you were to use Scavenger try using Quickdraw in conjuction. This allows for quick usage of grenade spamming :3 with lower risk of "oh s**t" moments. Of course with all perks that won't really be an issue, so just go ahead and mow people down like Rambo.

Sniper Class.

T1: Sleight of Hand

T2: Assassin / Quickdraw / MAYBE Overkill

T3: Marksman / Dead Silence (if needed)

Strike Package: Varies on individual playstyle.

L/T Grenades: (Throwing Knives / Bouncing Betties / Claymore) & (T.I. / Portable Radar)

Snipers will either camp or quickscope, so depending on what suits you best, things can get switched up a bit. Simply put, if you hardscope use Assassin, if you quickscope use Quickdraw (haha Quickscope and Quickdraw haha I'm corny :P). Marksman should prove to be extremely useful to snipers now, as it will point out targets unlike stupid Scout from Blops (fail). Equipment should fall along with what is normally used, some explosive defense and tatical equipment directly useful to the user. Since playstyles will vary the Strike Packages will be left up to you.

Anti-Killstreak Pointstreak Class.

T1: Blind Eye

T2: Blast Sheild / MAYBE Quickdraw

T3: Any

Strike Package: Perferably Support

L/T Grenades: Any & (EMP Grenades / Trophy System)


Blind Eye is a two-for-one effect here, with better attributes added on to launchers as well as a Ghost effect. Other inputs are self-explanatory, but remember you MUST have a launcher (obviously). In addition having a Trophy System may prove useful, as air support doesn't account for ALL pointstreaks. EMP Grenades will have a similar effect just more mobile. Finally, an LMG or a gun with a high magazine count goes very well with this setup. Run out of launcher ammo? Use the gun.

Things To Consider

When MW3 comes out, don't just pay attention to how the gun you use feels, but the guns your teammates and enemies are using too. What's accurate and fast to move with? What are the Pros Vs. Cons to the weapon? How will the use of this weapon affect the way I play on this map? Also if you are a PC user, take into account weapon damage stats and values (and post them up too ;3).


Across the majority of Call of Duty games, the mobilty speeds for your player are as follows.*

(Not guaranteed to be the final values for the game, only MW2 stats.)

  • SMG / Sniper Rifles / Pistols = 100% Speed
  • Assault Rifles = 95% Speed
  • Light Machine Guns = 87.5% Speed
  • Riot Sheild = 80% Speed

*Because in MW2 shotguns were secondaries, their speeds are unknown.

From this list, determine what speed best suits the class you are shooting for, don't forget damage.

TTK (Time To Kill)

MUCH like DPS (Damage Per Second), TTK evaluates how long it will take to down a person with a certain gun. DPS won't work because of the very small amount of time it takes to kill someone along with equal health values, making the stat near useless and not informative. For this equation "BT" stands for Bullet Time and "S" for shots. As a reminder, the stats are entirely true in a 0ms ping environment.

BT (The time it takes between each shot) = 60s / (Weapon's RPM)

(BT) x (S - 1) = TTK

So let's take a gun that shoots 750 RPM, and kills with 4 shots.

60 / 750 = 0.08s

(0.08) x (4 - 1) = 0.24s

So that gun would take 0.24 seconds to kill someone (assuming all the bullets hit and ping is at 0ms). For semi-automatics, just take the max RPM or the cap RPM and use that number. Of course nothing is known about the gun stats, but when they are figured out, modify classes as needed.

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