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    Remember this is my opinion and leave your opinion down in the comments.

    Let's start with the assault rifles.
    Best: AN-94. It can kill a person with three bullets if all of them hit a player. It is also cool looking. Two other rifles that were close were the Scar-H and the M27.
    Worst: SMR. The worst assault rifle in multiplayer in Black ops 2. The sound of it is awful and it's just a piece of shit. Other rifle close to this position were the FAL OSW.
    Now here are the shotguns
    Best: KSG. Just a beast for fast and accurate kills. One accurate shot and the enemy is dead. The other contender was the Remington.
    Worst: S12. To be honest none of these guns are bad, but I had to pick one and it was the S12. It has the boring look and I don't know.

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