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  • I am Gender is it really important ?
  • Tajboy123

    The Game play system of Call of duty well, lets say stays the same and same over the years regardless the type of game. Save for Nintendo DS But overall the entire reason why i dislike the gameplay system mostly Multiplayer is that they took many different elements from other games.

    For one i play vast amount of First Person Shooters, I own BF3( Battlefield 3,MOH ( Medal of honor ) And MOH:WF(Medal of Honor Warfighter)  And i plain out hate the mutiplayers, because for number one i suck at them i cant see anyone, but people can see me which causes me to leave the game and never come back.

    But the Call of Duty Ghosts Mutiplayer took a number of Gameplay elements from both BF3 and MOH:WF  First is the cover system/ leaning mechanic It clearly …

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