Reason why I Dislike/like Call Of Duty Ghosts

Gameplay System

The Game play system of Call of duty well, lets say stays the same and same over the years regardless the type of game. Save for Nintendo DS But overall the entire reason why i dislike the gameplay system mostly Multiplayer is that they took many different elements from other games.

For one i play vast amount of First Person Shooters, I own BF3( Battlefield 3,MOH ( Medal of honor ) And MOH:WF(Medal of Honor Warfighter)  And i plain out hate the mutiplayers, because for number one i suck at them i cant see anyone, but people can see me which causes me to leave the game and never come back.

But the Call of Duty Ghosts Mutiplayer took a number of Gameplay elements from both BF3 and MOH:WF  First is the cover system/ leaning mechanic It clearly took this from MOH:WF if you havent played it, so if you press one of the shoulder buttons or bumpers it causes the player to lean and sway from side to side to get into cover faster or peek around corners. COD:Ghosts takes it to somewhat a different level instead of a button, the player has to be in cover and the game detects if they are in the place which causes them to lean with the Aim button with any button it's toggled to and has them lean out, this is one of the things that ticked me off for a reason, because they are taking so many gameplay elements from other games. For mantling they took the ablity to hop over things(Mantling) and you can still fire while doing so from battlefield 3.     Customizing your soldier another thing taken from MOH:WF if you havent played it, it works like this so you get to choose soldiers from different nationalities and they have different stats for example. An Asian Sniper would have a higher stealth rating for running around or walking around without sound  compared to lets say a Russian Sniper who would have a higher stamina stat which lets them run for longer periods of time. Dynamic maps, if you didnt know as well this is taken from BF3 Dynamic maps are maps that you can well interact with or blow up doors or walls etc.

Single Player Experiance *Spoiler alert* 

The single player experiance in call of duty ghosts is rather lacking the player choice parts it's clearly more linear from point A to Point B. The story behind Call of duty ghosts is rather confusing much like BF3 and MOH:WF the story is quite bland and confusing.  *Spoiler alert* So the tail of call of duty ghosts takes us through the tail of two brothers Logan and Hesh and there father Elias. During the story we play in the past as Elias, it shown here that he made a very tough decision to let his friend Rorke fail down to his doom in order to save the rest of his team. Which doesnt make much sense because clearly he could of saved him if Rorke Just moved his bloody arms. Anyway he lets go if his friend Rorke who gets dropped into a rapid current.  Before him and his fellow ghost's can get to him the federation gets to him first and tortures him and changes his mind to become part of the federation and go against his fellow ghosts, And yea you try to kill him before he does so yea its kinda like MW2 and MW3 somewhat.

Anywho ill be back to add more to this later.

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