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  • Tazmission115

    What if Treyarch made the fourth DLC for Black Ops II just all zombies, like with the original Black Ops, where they made the last DLC Rezurrection, just all zombies. If they do that, they should have the Original Crew (Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo and Richtofen (Samantha) return in the new map with the Green Run Group, in a major easter egg to wipe out the zombies, even if it means costing their own lives, Samantha regains control, Maxis is sent to the physical world trapped in a zombie's body (like Richtofen in Maxis' side of Mined Games) and Richtofen able to return to his body, as well as harness the powers he gained from Argatha, and Samantha and Richtofen made a deal of sorts to wipe out the zombies, obviously a new perk has to appear, sa…

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