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  • Tbrkz9

    Sup bros,

    Map pack 2 idea-Zombies. Lets keep the comments about this and hopefully not about much else, i just want opinions about these awesome maps. enjoy!

    Map Pack: Second Strike (MAY/JUNE)

    zombie map "NOVA"

    An arctic map, based around project nova. I know people have talked about this b4, but my idea came from my head only, then I read you guys'.

    The 4 main characters spawn on a piece of ice floating to a big research station and land on a dock, much like how they spawn on ascension. They have icy-covered clothing on, and Richtofen has a winter coat on.Quick Revive, M14, and olympia are availible at the spawn, along with M1911 ammo off the wall, and a music easter egg piece, a teddy bear in an ice cube holding an ice pick. 4 windows in this…

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