Sup bros,

Map pack 2 idea-Zombies. Lets keep the comments about this and hopefully not about much else, i just want opinions about these awesome maps. enjoy!

Map Pack: Second Strike (MAY/JUNE)

zombie map "NOVA"

An arctic map, based around project nova. I know people have talked about this b4, but my idea came from my head only, then I read you guys'.

The 4 main characters spawn on a piece of ice floating to a big research station and land on a dock, much like how they spawn on ascension. They have icy-covered clothing on, and Richtofen has a winter coat on.Quick Revive, M14, and olympia are availible at the spawn, along with M1911 ammo off the wall, and a music easter egg piece, a teddy bear in an ice cube holding an ice pick. 4 windows in this room. Falling icicles act just like the spinny thing on ascension. The next room is inside and has a pm63 or mpl, another window, and a turret possibly, because it is a choke point. The next room is full price (1250) and contains juggernog, 2 windows, and is outside (the outside rooms are walled in by ice hills.) This room also has a radio giving info on how project nove relates to the der riese/area 51/zombie project. I the doorway to the next ouside area, there's a nova gas trap, which replaces electricity/fire traps. The next room is the power/rendom box room. The power activates the usual things, along with the new ski lifts which replace landers, and the color is changes slightly to go from full dalight to snowy/cloudy. The random box is the same as ascension, but with a small chance of getting the wunderwaffe and no thundergun. The doll bombs are now exploding snowballs or something like that, the ballistic knife does a tiny bit more damage. Monkey bombs retutn, because the gersch was more of an ascension-only thing. the next outside area is the inclined pathway leading up to the top of a mountain. on the way, you can buy a speed cola, or a trap. At the top of the mountain is a $1250 ski lift area. you can buy an l96 for down-the-mountain sniping, an ice pick(replacing the sickle), or use the ski lift. Oh yea and i forgot to mention, guns, windows, andmystery box spawns are in the previous rooms, i just forgot to list them and i cant go back and write them in. There are 2 zombie spawns in this area.The ski lift takes you to the spawn, just like on ascension. This room has a radio and a music easter egg. You enter this room by the way you came in, just like the sickle/lander room. our next area is like the open-spaced mp5k area on ascension. there's a turret with a santa hat on it, which has more accuracy/damage this time around. you can then go up some stairs to the phd flopper room, which contains the perk, a short radio, and iciclesthat act like a trap. on this map, the flopper area isn't a camper's paradise, more like a choke point. from there you can go to a small room with claymores and a gun, not much to see here. the next room is a gateway room inside the mountain. from here, you can go through long paths to get to different areas. theres a gun, a box spawn, and a loooooong final radio. (less box spawns because this map is so big.) The next room is another ski lift, frag grenades, a trap, and a gun. Because this map is so big, there's only two high points with ski lifts. When both (finally) reached and activated, the pack-a-punch room is opened. The pack-a-punch is at the top of the mountain and can also be used to ungrade claymores, which turn into little thundergun things. upgraded guns all now have less recoil/muzzle flash, no idle sway, smaller crosshairs, slightly faster ads, and all have dual mags if possible.

I also forgot to include some perk locations, but this is pretty much my full idea for the map.

extra notes:

-1 out of every 50 random zombies has a santa hat on and explodes w/snow if yuo kill him

-stamin-up lets you trek up the mountain faster than running

-this map is alot bigger than ascension, because of the long pathways from the gateway room.

'-'if you open up all doors and pack-a-punch a gun. you get a 90 second death machine which starts at the beginning of the next round.

-i also forgot to add some of the radios on this map, but there are 7. 6 redular ones, and 1 that appears after the death machine easter egg. Most of then are about 20 seconds long, but some of then are short and skit-like.

-this map reveals more about the zombie storyline than any previous map.

-i cant take then tims to write the storyline for the map, but I can tell you that after the events at ascansion, they came to "NOVA" from the spawn lander and traveled to the arctic to find peace.

-Solo description:

"Zombies have been waiting for you at an abandoned arctic research station. You thought you were safe were wrong."

T3LL M3H WH4T Y0U TH1NK n00bzZ

but, instead of hate, use constructive criticism.

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