• Teh-Panda-Of-Wisdomz

    Sorry about some spelling and grammar mistakes my english was never good :(

    3 Killstreak SAM turret: Airdrop a SAM turret destroys enemy killstreaks

    4 Killstreak Counter UAV: disables enemy radar for 30 seconds

    4 Killstreak Care Package: airdrop random killstreak/ammo if losing higher chance of higher killstreak cannot get nuke

    5 Killstreak Precision Airstrike: Precision Airstrike pinpoint a location which you wish to bomb

    5 Killstreak Predator Missile: User controlled one AGM hellfire missile ( enemies will be more visible if a UAV is in the air

    6 Killstreak Sentry Gun:airdrop a placable sentry gun also it is detachable or when destroyed the user can detach the turret and has acsess to a death machine (like a death machine anyway)

    6 killstreak …

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