Yes i know there is another killstreak wishlist for MW3 but i thinl its too flawed so i'm going to make my own wishlist

I will change stuff if several people point out a flaw im not that good at naming planes and helicopters i will correct them . Kiilstreaks in this wishlist add up to each other

Sorry about some spelling and grammar mistakes my english was never good :(


3 Killstreak UAV: we all know what this is, radar for 30 seconds

3 Killstreak SAM turret: Airdrop a SAM turret destroys enemy killstreaks

4 Killstreak Counter UAV: disables enemy radar for 30 seconds

4 Killstreak Care Package: airdrop random killstreak/ammo if losing higher chance of higher killstreak cannot get nuke

5 Killstreak Precision Airstrike: Precision Airstrike pinpoint a location which you wish to bomb

5 Killstreak Predator Missile: User controlled one AGM hellfire missile ( enemies will be more visible if a UAV is in the air

6 Killstreak Sentry Gun:airdrop a placable sentry gun also it is detachable or when destroyed the user can detach the turret and has acsess to a death machine (like a death machine anyway)

6 killstreak Mortars: much more deadly and quick than the ones in black ops also there are more but only one largerlocation can be picked

7: Killstreak Attack Helicopte:r circles map for 60 seconds more useful than its MW2 and Blops counterparts roughly the same effectiveness as the CoD4 counterpart

7 killstreak Harrier:(or other plane cant think of it's name though) pretty much same as harrier just tuned down a bit

8Killstreak Advanced UAV: ( like blackbird) constant UAV it enhances your aim assist + shows direction if the dot is on screen 60 seconds

8 killstreak EMP:: same effect as MW2 counterpart but diasbles perks too ,45 seconds

9 Killstreak heavy attack helicopter: heavy attack helicopter flies closer to centre of map and can fire of rockets if target is locked on but inside. 1 flare

9 killstreak Auto-UAV fires off AGM hellfire Missiles when target is sighted (essentially an automatic predator missile (not user controlled 1 flare

10 killstreak B-2 stealth bomber: cannot be shot down can affect most of a medium sized map shellshocks enemies and if damged by the stealth bomber you will not recover for the rest of your life.

10 killstreak Attack dogs: exactly the same as blops attack dogs can get hit markers if the dog bites limbs

11 Killstreak Chopper gunner: user controlled thermal vision will fly randomly around map but higher up than MW2 version less accurate aswell 1 flare

11 killstreak : AC130 user controlled AC-130 lasts 60 seconds with 1 105mm every 5 seconds 8 40mm every 5 seconds and double the length of its 25mm chaingun every 3 seconds 2 flares

15 Killstreak Juggernaut: suicide for a user controlled Juggernaut 1st person view equipped with death machine 15x normal health doesn't reheal all kills go toward NEW killstreak not your next killstreak no radar unless UAV recon or Maxinum UAV is activated, mobilty = 0.8

30 Killstreak Tactical nuke: Call in a Nuke which kills everything, ends game .

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