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my nazi zombie character quotes

He would be replacing takeo (my least favorite character) and be american, like dempsey

"Sh*t just got real!" -getting hit

"Come on, Come on, give it to me...That sounded bad, didn't it?"-during Pack-a-Punch animation.

"Come at me bro!"- Getting a RPK from the box.

"beep...beep...beep...BOOM!!"- Throwing monkey bomb.

"No, really, your skull looks better on the outside!"- getting a headshot.

"Classic."-Getting M16

"feed me, Max ammo"- Getting max ammo

"It goes pew pew pew"- getting ray gun.

"I'm the juggernaut, b*tch"-drinking juggernog.

"Blech. *spitting sounds* Fish..."-Quick revive

"Hello, anyone there? *quiet and squeaky* anyone?"- starting on solo.

"so...heavy...can't...lift higher than...hips."- getting death machine.

"Don't wanna tell you how to tell you to do your job, but you suck."-Reviving teammate.

"I don't care what Nikolia says, Dogs CAN look up!"- Start of Dog round

"Ummm...I thought I saw a penny on the floor"-getting revived

"Why does my gun feel lighter? OH no, I'm out of ammo!"-running out of ammo

"Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start"-getting juggernog.

"Don't eat my brains!"- getting downed

"Man, this is so much better than solo"- starting an online game.

"I can see stars! Help!"- Getting hit

"What's next, Cosmic Gorillas?"-space monkey round.

"Oonce oonce oonce oonce"-waiting for Pack-A-Punch.

"Ow the recoil on that thing sucks!"- Ending Death Machine

"Is Group 935 a band or something because I hear music"- Getting music EE

"Let's see what your organs look on the outside!"-getting shotgun.

"Thanks partner"-double tap

  • hums a part of the easter egg song*-pack-a-punch
  • groans like a zombie* "how do you like it!?"-getting downed.

"should it be hurting?"-drinking Phd

"Why can't it be a chainsaw!?"-Getting ballistic knife.

"Am I the only one who likes this?"-getting python

"Can someone explain how chalk drawings give us weapons"-buying any gun off wall

"Whoah... I feel dizzy...Okay...back to normal!"- drinking Deadshot

"Jesus H. Christ, are you guys actually trying?"-after killing large amount of zombies.

"If only I could curve bullets!"-getting downed

"No! I'm comnin' to getcha!"- Another player gets downed.

"Where's that ray gun when you need it?!"-getting downed


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