• The--Red--Devil

    IW updated their cover photo with a high resolution picture of Price that looks brand new. Could this be the first real MW4 tease?

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  • The--Red--Devil

    I'll be honest, my cyniscism of Black Ops 2 has past and I'm now intrested but my intrest is 80% towards the 1980's era, 10% for zombies, 5% as to how Wood's survived and 5% to the future.

    I'd much rather that the plot would have been all in the real cold war but would everyone? Future warfare was inevitable and maybe Treyarch have made a tactical move but with the reports that the long term sales for Call of Duty are going to fall and with intrest in the games and fans deserting them will Blops 2 save COD?

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  • The--Red--Devil

    I was thinking over the weekend what the missions in the content season could be. I doubt it will be a campaign mission and is very likely to be spec ops but I did think of one mission they could include in the campaign and thats if they do Operation Kingfish as a mission. Not likely but it would be good if true. I also thought that some cutscenes would be good. Just little clips you could access to get a better understanding of the characters i.e. One could be titled "Soap" and just have a quick five minute clip about his life and military service etc or (this is just what I want) have Price, after MW3, go to Soap's family and tell them what happened.

    What do you guys want?

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  • The--Red--Devil

    Just before the events of "No Russian", Modern Warfare 2, 2016

    "Allen, you must do whatever it takes to infiltrate Makarov's Ultranationalists and bring him down from the inside."

    "Umm...well...look, I know that your the general and everything but this whole thing seems weird."


    "Just everything, when you take a step back and and take everthing in this all doesn't make any sense at all."

    "Yes it does."

    "No it doen't, Shepherd."

    "Well then tell me clever clogs, how would you propose we do this?"

    "Well we have an informant named Yuri who's Makarovs BFF but now wants to kill him, why not just ask him to shoot him without him giving anything away? No one is going to suspect his best friend who helped him detonate a nuclear bomb right?"


    "or …

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  • The--Red--Devil

    I was really dissapointed that Soap had died in MW3 but felt it was a bad idea not just that they killed him off but also in the way he died. Here are my reasons why he should not have died:

    1. History is written by the victor:

    They always go on about how one man can change the world without the need of entire nations. So which character has had the greatest impact on the world? Soap. He stopped the Nukes destroying NY and the East coast of the US, he killed Zakhaev, killed Shepherd and SHOULD have killed Makarov making it so he really did have this huge impact on history. The fact that they ended it without Soap throwing the final punch was stupid.

    2. Sequels: With Soap buried with his M1911 and his Mohawk gone forever the MW series is quite…

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