Just before the events of "No Russian", Modern Warfare 2, 2016

"Allen, you must do whatever it takes to infiltrate Makarov's Ultranationalists and bring him down from the inside."

"Umm...well...look, I know that your the general and everything but this whole thing seems weird."


"Just everything, when you take a step back and and take everthing in this all doesn't make any sense at all."

"Yes it does."

"No it doen't, Shepherd."

"Well then tell me clever clogs, how would you propose we do this?"

"Well we have an informant named Yuri who's Makarovs BFF but now wants to kill him, why not just ask him to shoot him without him giving anything away? No one is going to suspect his best friend who helped him detonate a nuclear bomb right?"


"or why not have me shoot him immediately?"


"and you seem to know where he is going to attack and when so why not just call the police? I mean the Russians hate us and the Brits so why not just call Vladamir Putin and go "Hey Vlad, it's me America. Hey me and Britain have heard rumours that Makarov, you know the guy that is trying to topple your goverment, is going to attack you at this precise location at this procise time on this precise day. You should probably call the cops or get a restraining order on him or something." Then Russia loves us, we save the world and no one gets invaded."

" I think my plan's better."

"Umm...ok thats kind of sinister, I mean your asking me to go and kill a bunch of civilians. I mean what if I get caught? The Russians are gona be super pissed at us."

"No its ok there cool with it. Now you infiltrate Makarov's group, kill a load of civilians and then we can prevent a disaster."

", I guess thats the definition of irony huh?"

"I don't see it."

"Ok, I better...go get...pshyched and...shit."

"See ya Allen."

Five minutes later.

MacTavish's phone rings:


"Hi, Captain MacTavish, General Shepherd is asking me to do some pretty dark shit, I have no idea whats wrong, maybe he's got the shits or something or a migraine or something but I really don't feel comfortable with this. Is their anything you can do?"

"Aye, I spent a bunch of time in Russia, made loads of friends. I guess I could call Kamarov; the guy in the Russian army with a direct link to the Russian higher command, or Nikolai my Mercenary friend. That or I call the SAS's CO who has a direct link to MI6 and could probably E-mail Russia or post something on their Facebook page."

"Oh, nice one. Phew, cool, panic over. See ya Captain, Rangers lead the way."

"Aye, Bye."

Roll credits.

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