Osama Bin Laden, the worlds most wanted man, has been killed (Supposedly) by US servicemen. He was found not in the mountains but in a two storey house a few miles from a Pakistani military base! The US special forces operatives asked him to surrender before making him a Martyr!

But is this true? They said they asked him to surrender but then had to shoot him. I think the US would have realised how dangerous he is and what risk it would be to let him escape (again) and were probably given a choice to kill or capture, but if the SAS/SBS or Canadian special forces were going in to get him I can imagine they would offer him the chance to surrender but for everything he has done to the US, is their an American alive that would not want to shoot him in the head? They also buried him at sea before any photo's were taken? Why? This sounds a tad suspicious. This could be a cover up in order to give the war's main cause justice? It's probably not but the fact they are highliting that they gave him a chance may be in order to make the Muslim world think the Yanks didn't come in and tear him a new one, and the fact they didn't get a pic? Is it true or not?

Either way, this is a major moral boost for ISAF and well done Yanks. But oneflaw in your plan US, you got the intel in October and it's now May...slow!!!

ISAF-1 Osama-0 OORAH!

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