Why is everyone really head over heels with MacMillan? All he did was make one humorous comment then retired and was never seen again. What's the big deal? Their are so many more badass characters. MacTavish killed Russia's Bin-Laden, pulled a knife from his chest and got a headshot with it, he has the highest kill count of any COD character and...he has a mohawk!!! That's awseome!

Then their's Mason, he allowed hiself to be captured to save Bowman and Mason, stopped the invasion of the US, strangled a pensioner to death all the while being absolutely fucking insane!!

Theirs Wood's. Think about the first scene in Operation 40 and his knife kill and I need not say anymore.

Then their is...Reznov!

He survived Stalingrad which in itself make's him amazing, made the last kill in WW2 in Europe, kicked the shit out of a Russian special forces unit and an SAS unit at the same time, led a riot in a labour camp and was so badass to complete his revenge he managed to do what the best Nazi scientist could not and implant his image and voice into Mason's head and brainwash him into killing Steiner, Kravchenko and Dragovich! Thtat is fucking harcore and would make MacMillan wet his pants!!

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