• The-Dreamcaster

    I warn everyone. Don't try this. I'm litrally leaving in about 20 minute to leave for a friends house. We shall all gather, setup crap loads of consoles, PCs and various gaming stuff with the intention to play games for ooo 48 hours non stop. If anyone has followed my blogs at all, i've done a 24 hour one in the past, but said friend decided to up the ante a little. I'll be stocking up on energy drink and preparing myself for some serious ownage dealing, especially in the MW2 front ;)

    I'll try to write a follow up after it's done, or comment during it, but no guarantees consdiering the state i'll be in. WIsh me luck CDWikia!

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  • The-Dreamcaster

    A couple of days ago, a friend of mine suggested we should do a Modern Warfare 2 50 Team Deathmatch marathon and compile all the stats from it. Well here are the stats for those who might be interested.

    Streaks used throughout: Predator/Harrier/Stealth Bomber

    No. Map Win/Loss Kills Deaths Notes.
    1 Overgrown W 12 7

    2 Vacant L 27 11

    3 Scrapyard W 14 8

    4 Rust L 20 11

    5 Vacant W 26 9

    6 Strike W 25 8

    7 Skidrow W 16 3

    8 Rundown W 26 3

    9 Trailer Park W 30 7

    10 Invasion W 18 10

    11 Terminal W 25 6

    12 Karachi W 15 13

    13 Terminal W 17 6

    14 Highrise W 20 6

    15 Strike W 19 8

    16 Skidrow W 12 8

    17 Sub Base W 26 9

    18 Vacant W 21 10

    19 Derail W 7 11 Don't know. Terrible game.
    20 Estate W 17 7

    21 Terminal L 23 13

    22 Strike L 24 12

    23 Karachi W 15 9 Out of Memory Error
    24 Skidrow W 11…

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  • The-Dreamcaster

    I've now got a total game time on MW2 of about 31 days played... Which is a long time... and it's still annoying me. So I got so annoyed with the game, I put in CoD4 for a laugh.

    OMG this game is so much less ragey and much better to play... No Tube/RPG combos and considerably less tubes in general. It's peaceful. No stupid lunges... Just the skies full of grenades xD. Which is copeable... MW2 is just too complicated and has too many annoying combinations on offer, whereas CoD4 lets you get down to business and take out some serious noobage. I mean my kill/death rose .03 over the course of one session, something on MW2 would take me a couple of months at best.. (2.27 and 115,000 kills makes kill/death hard to shift)

    I seriously urge anyone w…

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  • The-Dreamcaster

    As of last night on Modern Warfare 2, I have over 100,000 online kills, and currently average a kill/death of 2.23. All this without ever boosting or hacking i'll let you know. After 27 days of gametime and a lot of repetitive matches, I need a challenge. You seen, I am 2nd in command to a MW2 clan, which has one requirement to join. Have a kill/death over 2. Consequently, I'm probably the worst player in my clan and we win rather a lot.

    Now, I like challenge and, so long as the way is right, I don't mind losing. So what i'm looking for is a group of players, constructed here on Wikia or if you know any clans, to come and have a go against us. Obviously, The rules will be simple and we will exclude Heartbeat & Grenade Launchers in general f…

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  • The-Dreamcaster

    So many have died trying to get it. Those who have it... untrusted by all. They say it consumes all that seek it, and once you have laid eyes on it, you will be a change person.

    I figure, with the position i'm in, being a legit 10th prestige players and working on every damn challenge, i'm in with a chance of working out how to unlock this legitmately. With only 3 killstreaks left to get 1,000 kills with and 90% of the main challenges complete, I'll try any suggestions people throw at me to try and unlock it legit. I will not be doing already disproven theories, like 1,000 kills with a nuke, but will be trying those yet untested. So, CoDWikia, what have you got for me?

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