I'm gonna do another blog but this time it's gonna be a little more factual and shall contain my opinions on assault rifles. Of course, this leaves open plenty of other posts to be done about other weapons. I've hit 5th prestige recently and as a result i've had a fair amount of experience with all assault rifles, so here is my my ratings and opinions about them.

M4A1 Carbine - 6/10

Starting of with the first assault rifle on the list the carbine is a pretty good weapon but one I tend not to use. It's accurate, but you do have to lay down a pretty large number of shots to take someone down on Core. I have got plenty of kills with it, but it is inferior to the ACR in almost everyway and carrying many of the same faults. Struggles in Close range against the likes of the Tar-21 and the Scar-h

FAMAS - 5/10

I really don't like the FAMAS and have never been a fan of burst weapons, but my need to get all the Mastery titles is forcing me to use it this prestige. Don't get me wrong the 1-tap of the fire button kill is nice, but if you miss even one of the shots, you are pretty much dead... I can't stand the iron sights either and heartbeat monitors seems to disappear of the bottom of the screen to some extent. It's good, just not something i'd use once i'm done with it.

SCAR-H - 8/10

Love this thing, used almost all 4th prestige, ending up with a solid 400 headshots for one prestige with this beast. It's high damage and leathality with a Silencer is just everything I need. Difficult to use over medium/long distances down the recoil. Yes, I am aware it resets after every shot, but it still can cause problems lining up the shot against moving targets. My assault rifle of choice despite it's flaws. So long as I have Scavenger, down to the low ammo capacity, small clip and long reload time, i'm a machine...

TAR-21 - 7/10

Awesome at Close/Medium range, but the recoil is really off putting and i've often been taking down by weaker weapons at slight distance due to the recoil. Powerful but a little uncontrollable at distance. It covers some of the SCAR-Hs weakenesses, with a higher ammo capacity and larger clip, but this is offset down to the need to fire in bursts at distance.

FAL - 7/10

I used to hate it, and i've been busy using it a bit this weekend. It's grown on me.. a lot. It's a powerful little rifle and the single shot feature is as accurate as the user, which for me, is pretty good. Hardline + FAL has given me a fair number of Harriers and Chopper Gunners and i've caused all sorts of devastation with this setup on the likes of Demolition and Domination. As a result it gets a 7, losing marks for only being as accurate as the person behind the rifle.

M16A4 - 8/10

I did say I don't like burst weapons, but i've had a reasonable amount of success with this puppy. It's powerful and iron sights are much easier to use. The higher damage means you can often get away with a slightly off-target burst and still get the kill. Honestly, I think it renders the FAMAS completely obselete in every concievable manner. so the damage drop off is higher, but it still almost always kills.

ACR - 9/10

Quality rifle and much like the M16A4 renders the FAMAS pointless, this renders the M4A1 Carbine pointless. It's more accurate, basically no recoil and really effective at range. It only loses marks for it's struggles in close combat, which can be countered by a Masterkey Shotgun, or a shotgun as a secondary. Good Iron sights and the best long distance assault rifle of the lot.

F2000 - 3/10

This thing really sucks... Like really sucks. It's high rate of fire and low damage, coupled with difficult recoil makes it effective at really close ranges or against an opponent facing the otherway. The Red dot sight is obtrusive, but does make the gun look cooler (lol). It effectively takes the Tar-21s recoil, the ACRs low damage and the accuracy of a.. something with not much accuracy and combines to make 1 really crap rifle.

AK-47 - 9/10

Another beast of a rifle, with high damage output akin to the SCAR-H, covering most the problems with it. Larger clip, more ammo and similar sights make this just superior to the SCAR, providing you can handle the slight sway. Effective at almost all ranges with the exception of the extremely long makes this rifle a good all-rounder. It's hipfire accuracy is good enough to take down any knife rushing loonatics running straight at you. It's a shame i've only got to use it for short periods of time, but it really is an excellent weapon.

Well, that's all of them, but feel free to disagree. This is just my opinion based on prestiging 5 times and getting 500 kills or more with every assault rifle (except the F2000, last time I checked, I got about 100).

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