I have come to the conclusion recently that the majority of people suck. As stated in my previous blog, nobody can accept responsbility for dying and it's getting to the point where if you die to anything, it's overpowered and the person who tore you down in your prime is a noob. Well Boo fucking hoo. Seriously get over it. Everyone knows what weapons hold advantages over others and that bitching seems to make things better for those without them (*cough* 1887's *cough*). I've heard some much crap from people complaining just about everything is overpowered from Scar-Hs, AK-47s,  UMP.45s, the Commando perk, Model 1887s and just about any other weapon you can pick up. But do you realise, if so many things are overpowered, the game is balanced once more? Some players admittedly will have more skill than others, and will succeed with Assault rifles over range. Then these are those using grenade launchers, which over distance takes a little bit of skill to use, but will ultimately be there downfall. So they got you with a "Noob-Tube", Yay. Move on, waste the bugger and remember, if you are the better player, it will show over time. Your kill/death ratio will rise, while they will wallow around at 1.00 at best. Anything higher, and they may contain skill. Might've been going for the Shotgun attachment -> Mastery, so that's ok. Still, the amount of whinging about everything really annoys me. All the time spent complaining about anything could've been used getting better and learning not to be caught out in the first place. Admittedly, I have games that go tremendously wrong, like 3-21 wrong, but not often and often counter with it a 25-1 for the next map.

Now, Knife monkey classes is the stupidest rant ever. I have an account solely dedicated to this class and it's a real struggle sometimes. Yeah it works for Skidrow, Favela and oddly some other maps, but Estate and Derail is a real bitch to knife on. Even on the better maps, i'll get killed plenty of times, especially with those using Scar-Hs, AK47s, UMP.45s thus proving it's not unkillable. Another thing, It's not like this option isn't available to everyone... Marathon, Lightweight, Commando and away you go. Ok, so the Tactical knife takes a bit of working for, but whatever. My rant juice is running low as come to the end of the blog, but seriously people, TURN OFF CAPS LOCKS, sit back and think.. balls, that bastard got me and go get some payback, pro style.

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