As of last night on Modern Warfare 2, I have over 100,000 online kills, and currently average a kill/death of 2.23. All this without ever boosting or hacking i'll let you know. After 27 days of gametime and a lot of repetitive matches, I need a challenge. You seen, I am 2nd in command to a MW2 clan, which has one requirement to join. Have a kill/death over 2. Consequently, I'm probably the worst player in my clan and we win rather a lot.

Now, I like challenge and, so long as the way is right, I don't mind losing. So what i'm looking for is a group of players, constructed here on Wikia or if you know any clans, to come and have a go against us. Obviously, The rules will be simple and we will exclude Heartbeat & Grenade Launchers in general from matches. A mutual host will be picked and referee's will overlook games to ensure fair play. So If you have what it takes, post below and i'll get back to you.

Looking forward to a challenge,


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