I had a bit of a brainwave earlier today. A rare occurance for me and I was suprised it's not been done yet, so here it is.

The 1st CoD Wikia MW2 Multiplayer tournament! (PS3)

I figured, since we have a large number of active members, we could once and for-all decide who's got the skills and who has not. I will apologise in advance that i've excluded Xbox, but I don't access to one, so i'm unable to oversee any games that might happen there. Depending on the amount of interest, we could have a knockout style tournament with 1vs1 matchups along the way, with up to 32 players. I could expand it to 64, if the interest is good enough. Of course, as I sorta came up with the idea, i'll try to oversee as many matches as possible to ensure fairness, but I trust a lot of people should be mature enough to play properly and accept defeat should you lose. Right down to the factual stuff.

Format: 1vs1 Knockout style tournament.

Mode: Free For All

Rules: First to 30 kills wins. should the game event in a draw, a 1 Life Sudden Death match will follow to determine the winner. Maps shall be chosen by either by an person not playing in the game or agreed upon by the two players fighting it out. If you start arguing, grow up and pick a map, it's only a bit of fun! (Although, serious bragging rights to the winner).

Further Rules:

Time will be set to 10 minutes. Health & Health Regen both set at normal. Radar shall be ON. (Counters camping and hiding when you are winning) No limits on perks or killstreaks or any weaponary. Otherwise, standard free for all rules.

Could anyone interested please post below and I value your input. I'll post a player list below and depending on the level of interest, i'll work with a 16/32/64 tournament bracket. You can use each others talk page to organize matches to set times and availability.

Good luck!

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