So many have died trying to get it. Those who have it... untrusted by all. They say it consumes all that seek it, and once you have laid eyes on it, you will be a change person.

Prestige 10 Animation 02 emblem MW2

I figure, with the position i'm in, being a legit 10th prestige players and working on every damn challenge, i'm in with a chance of working out how to unlock this legitmately. With only 3 killstreaks left to get 1,000 kills with and 90% of the main challenges complete, I'll try any suggestions people throw at me to try and unlock it legit. I will not be doing already disproven theories, like 1,000 kills with a nuke, but will be trying those yet untested. So, CoDWikia, what have you got for me?

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