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    OK, I have just noticed that the M14 EBR is categorized as a sniper rifle, and that M14 and the SCAR-H are listed as assault rifles. All of these should classified as Battle Rifles! (Well you may exclude EBR, even though it stands for "Enhanced Battle Rifle"). Are these weapons classified under what the game puts them as or is it personal opinion? If it is personal opinion, let's make this correction, because I don't want to end up talking to 11-year-old fanboys telling me they know so much about guns because they have been incorrectly informed by a videogame. To all the fanboys who think they can prove me wrong, get your facts straight!

    NOTE: I'm am not attacking anyone or Modern Warfare 2, I'm just wondering.

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    My novel on MW2 has prosponed due to my need of writing a story on Spec Op sniper. It will feature the characters mentioned in my other blog, with a few changes to Banks' background.

    I have an idea...

    How 'bout I blog the story to those interested. I mean, you know, tell the story via blogging.

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    A question to the Call of Duty wiki: What guns would you like added or removed from MW Multiplayer.

    Here's a list I think that should be in the game; all in bold are by Heckler & Koch; lol:
    • The XM8 (My first blog is about this rifle.)
    • The HK416 (A replacement for the M4.)
    • The MP7A1
    • The Mark 12 SPR
    • The FN Mark 16 SCAR (5.56mm)
    • The UCP (4.6mm, same as the MP7; A replacement for the USP)

    And here's a list where I want them removed:

    • The 1887 (God, this thing is annoying)
    • I can't think of anything else, maybe the noobtube.

    Ok, time to hear from you. Semper Fidelis!

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  • The7thXavier

    If you have heard the unused dialogue of Captain MacMillan, what's your favorite line?

    Mine's, "Wot dew yu meen eht's knot SCOTTISH?! Wel, ef eht's not SCOTTISH, eht's crap!"

    Well it doesn't have to be from the video, it can just be from the game.

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    A Good Idea...

    December 3, 2009 by The7thXavier

    This is a good idea. I'm ____teen years old and I'm writing a book on a new combat unit: The 7th Special Tasks Group (fictional). It's a joint unit set up by the 1st Special Operational Detachment - Delta in May 25, 2010 and is a sub-branch of the Special Activities Division and is designated for assassinations, crackdowns and other covert ops. But this idea can be expanded. I think that Infinity Ward should take this idea into Modern Warfare.

    Price and MacTavish become international fugitives at the end of MW2, and so the CIA want them dead. The 7th STG are sent to deal with them but they have to get passed a few obstacles. You would play Master Chief Petty Officer Adam Banks, a former Marine, later Navy SEAL. He is the main character of my…

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