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What guns would you like in the new MW?

MK-12 Special Purpose Rifle.245190259 std


Ksk 30


Hk ucp 3

Ultimate Combat Pistol (UCP)

A question to the Call of Duty wiki: What guns would you like added or removed from MW Multiplayer.

Here's a list I think that should be in the game; all in bold are by Heckler & Koch; lol:


  • The XM8 (My first blog is about this rifle.)
  • The HK416 (A replacement for the M4.)
  • The MP7A1
  • The Mark 12 SPR
  • The FN Mark 16 SCAR (5.56mm)
  • The UCP (4.6mm, same as the MP7; A replacement for the USP)

And here's a list where I want them removed:

  • The 1887 (God, this thing is annoying)
  • I can't think of anything else, maybe the noobtube.

Ok, time to hear from you. Semper Fidelis!

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