• The88thPanzer

    These are my ideas for more MW2 Killstreaks and the # of kills required, feel free to add your own or comment mine but use appropriate language people.


    • 5 kills------------------------------Little Bird (You sit on the side and fire with whatever weapons you have on your current class.)
    • 8 kills------------------------------Mine Deployment (A # of mines are randomly dispersed across the map; more or less depending on the size of the map.)



    • OpFor

    1. 10 kills----------------------Plane Hijacking (A plane can be guided (like a more powerful pred. missile) into a target. Note: This may offend 9/11 families.
    2. 8 kills------------------------Suicide Bomber (A randomly generated suicide bomber will run toward the nearest opponent and detonat…

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  • The88thPanzer

    Weapons---Akimbo Model 1887's and Riot shield (usually worn on the back)

    Perks---------Marathon, Lightweight, Commando

    Strategy----Nothing. They simply go around blasting people.

    The88thPanzer's Solution: Long Range Weapons (Sniper Rifles), Accurate Launchers (Thumpers and AT4's), Hidden C4/Claymores placed in the most used route to your position.

    Weapons---Various (mostly shotguns in my experience)


    Strategy----Locate spawn points and kill players as soon as they respawn

    The88thPanzer's Solution: Spawn "Guards" (have a teamate hang around NEAR spawn points to bail you out)



    Equipment--Tactical Insertion

    Strategy------Hide in isolated location and kill partner over and over until nuke is acq…

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  • The88thPanzer

    Environmental Effects?

    December 13, 2009 by The88thPanzer

    I was thinking, what if you could activate events on multiplayer maps?

    For Example:

    -At a "power plant-like" map, you could pull a lever and electrocute anyone within a certain area.

    -On a large open map, there could be stationary artillery guns or mortars that could be used on occasion.

    -Ziplines for building-to-building fighting.

    -Open-and-closable or breachable doors.

    -Ability to knock over tables, chairs, etc. to use as cover.

    Agree? Disagree?

    Add your own ideas!!!

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  • The88thPanzer

    I only have one:

    On Rust,climb the ladder to the very top and place C4 about a foot away from the ledge facing a bit left of the radio tower. Stand on the edge in front of the C4 and detonate it. It will blast you all the way down and usually impale you on any objects below. (usually the radio tower's side grates).

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  • The88thPanzer


    December 12, 2009 by The88thPanzer

    Should vehicles be used in the next CoD?

    If you say yes, list what you think should be used!

    Me:  BMP-2 and Technicals

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