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These are my ideas for more MW2 Killstreaks and the # of kills required, feel free to add your own or comment mine but use appropriate language people.


  • 5 kills------------------------------Little Bird (You sit on the side and fire with whatever weapons you have on your current class.)
  • 8 kills------------------------------Mine Deployment (A # of mines are randomly dispersed across the map; more or less depending on the size of the map.)



  • OpFor

  1. 10 kills----------------------Plane Hijacking (A plane can be guided (like a more powerful pred. missile) into a target. Note: This may offend 9/11 families.
  2. 8 kills------------------------Suicide Bomber (A randomly generated suicide bomber will run toward the nearest opponent and detonate) Note: May offend suicide bomber victims. 

  • Spetznaz

  1. 8 kills------------------------Friendly Juggernaut deployed
  2. 6 kills------------------------Temporary BTR-80 or BMP-2 Deployment

  • Rangers

  1. 6 kills------------------------Temporary Stryker deployment
  2. 7 kills------------------------Humvee Minigun ride (somewhat like a watered-down Chopper Gunner)

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