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  • I am мужчен
  • TheAmazingBBP

    Cool CoD game idea

    January 11, 2011 by TheAmazingBBP

    This is actually my article for "Call of Duty: Prime Order" on the CoD FF wiki. Anyway, I took the SP-related stuff out and just left the MP-related stuff in. This is also kinda my idea for MW3. (Note: This was originally my idea for a game based on Joint Ops, my first FF. The maps are kinda related to the SP missions, but only some are. I did't go into much detail anyway.)

    Assault Rifles - Primary

    • AUG A2
    • M4A1 SOPMOD
    • SCAR-H
    • ACR
    • AK-103
    • AKM
    • M14 EBR
    • G36K
    • M16A4 MWS
    • SKS
    • AKS-74U

    Sub Machine Guns - Primary

    • H&K UMP
    • MP5A3
    • PP2000
    • MP7A1
    • Uzi Carbine
    • FN P90 PDW
    • TDI Vector

    Light Machine Guns - Primary

    • MG4
    • FN Minimi
    • M240B
    • M60E4
    • RPK
    • PK Machine Gun

    Shotguns - Primary

    • SPAS-12
    • Homeland Security (Current production Ithica 37, an older version was the Stakeout featured in Black Ops)
    • M1014
    • Sa…

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  • TheAmazingBBP

    Gun game in MW2

    December 21, 2010 by TheAmazingBBP

    (I would have recycled another blog, but it won't frikkin load)

    What guns do you think would be in MW2's gun game if they had one? I think it would go like this:

    • .44 Magnum (Revolver)
    • M9 Akimbo (Kinda like the Makarov)
    • Striker (Similar to the BO Spas-12)
    • SPAS-12 (Remember, this is MW2, not BO)
    • MP5k (Duh)
    • PP2000 Akimbo (I know it is an MP, but it is really similar to the skorpion in my opinion)
    • UMP45 (Both the 74u and the UMP are OP in my opinion)
    • FAL (Only semi-auto in game)
    • M16A4 (Ah-Derrrrr)
    • M4A1 (Couldn't find much else)
    • ACR (Couldn't find much else)
    • L86 LSW (Pretty similar in my opinion)
    • RPD (Slow ROF, high power, same reload, 100 rounds, similar recoil, they could be twins)
    • Intervention (Only Bolt action, same reload)
    • WA2000 (If you don't know why I …

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  • TheAmazingBBP

    Hey guys, thought I'd share this.

    It is an extremely advanced computer virus that damaged an Iranian nuclear power plant, shutting down Iran's Nuclear program. Nobody knows who did it. The article link is below.

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  • TheAmazingBBP

    Scenario thingy

    November 28, 2010 by TheAmazingBBP

    I saw Griever's scenario thingy, and wanted to make my own- only for black ops, and for PS3 players, as Griever's was for MW2 on Xbox. It will be similar, where each side gets it's own guns, and maybe killstreaks. (TO GRIEVER: If you feel I am copying you and you do not like it, then tell me. If you want, I will shut it down, but only if you TELL ME.)

    UPDATE: I am doing private match with preset classes, also made realistic, as far as attachments. I will list the guns here. Perks and equipment aren't included, too much time, and not a huge deal. All sides will now use on;y a crossbow for the special, the ballistic knife is being cut. Sorry, just issues with realisticism or something, and I think many people prefer the crossbow. Killstreaks …

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  • TheAmazingBBP

    God Damn Black Ops

    November 14, 2010 by TheAmazingBBP

    I love Black ops's singleplayer. Can't resist it. So i get on today, and when it finishes loading up any SP mission, the PS3 freezes, and i have to restart it. It works fine in multiplayer, but not on SP. Or Zombies. What the hell is wrong with it?

    PS i am hardly ever on here, so i may not respond for a while. This explains me not replying to any messages you may have sent.

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