Before you take the time to read this, If you were in my first fanfic, all you need to do is to choose a team and weapon.

This time, Things are different, since between the two fanfics, Task Force 141 has been disbanded, there are separate countries. Weapons are limited to countries, but some guns are available to all countries. Here are the countries and their weapons:


Rifle: M16, SCAR-L/H, M14

LMG: M60, M240, M249

SMG: TDI Vector

Sniper: M40, M24, M39

Pistol: M9, M1911

Shotgun: M1014


Rifle: L22A1 carbine, L85

LMG: L110

SMG: MP5K (They use the L90, a british version of the MP5K), MAC10

Sniper: L96A1, L115

Shotgun: none

Pistol: L9A1


Rifle: G3 (G36 can be used by anyone)


LMG: MG36, MG4

Sniper: MSG90

Shotgun: None

Pistol: USP 9mm, P38

A.U. (YAY)

Rifle: AUG A2, FAL

SMG: None

LMG: FN Minimi (It is similar to the M249)

Sniper: Arctic Warfare Super Magnum

Shotgun: none

pistol: L9A1


Rifle: AK-74


SMG: AKS-74u, PP2000

Sniper: SV-98 Sniaperskaya, SVU (a bullpup version of the dragunov)

Shotgun: TOZ-194

Pistol: Makarov PM, TT33

Other guns

(These guns can be used by any country)

Rifles: FAMAS, TAR-21, F2000, Uzi, M4 Carbine, ACR, G36, G36C

SMG: MP5, UMP, P90, Thompson (Yes, the WWII gun.)

Shotgun: Remington 870

Sniper: M107 (Barrett .50 cal), Intervention, C14 Timberwolf, R700P, GOL, WA2000, M95 Sniper

LMG: MG3, Type 88

Pistol: Desert Eagle, .44 magnum, MK23,

Mahine pistol (Can be used instead of a pistol): Glock 18, Skorpion, M93R Raffica

(The AK-47 is used by the bad guys, a secret society by chernobyl that brings zombies to life, to work for them.)

Anyway, the bio goes like this:


Rank and role:

Country (All countries are good guys):



Now post, post, and post some more! Ak47resizedBumblebeeprime09 Talk Blogs 01:56, July 1, 2010 (UTC)

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