I think it would be cool to make a COD4 machinima, based on lies and the truth. I would call it either "AWOL" (You will see why in a little bit) or "One Good Lie" (To quote captain price.)


The whole jist of the story is where the new leader of the US Army and Air force, very aggresive, tries to secure the population of an unnamed middle eastern country. The two main characters, 2 US Army soldiers, are shot down (Yes, in a chopper), and have to go behind enemy lines. They learn how life is on the other side, how there is no threat, no real enemy, yet the US invaded anyway. They realize the real "Bad guys" are the US Military forces and their corrupt leader (Not like shepherd, the AWOL dudes and the "OpFor" are technically good guys.). They ally themselves with the local military force to fight off a U.S. Siege of one of their main cities.

This would be filmed in COD4, as it would have a bunch of cool weapons that SUPPOSED terrorists would get a hold of, unlike MW2, which has mostly no "old" weapons, save for the AK unlocked at level 70, and the RPD.

Needed roles

I need body actors for these characters:

  • Pvt. Aaron McCord
  • Cpl. Micheal Gareth
  • Numerous OpFor soldiers
  • Numerous Army soldiers [Army is replacing marines, i refuse to have a story where the bad guys are the marines, seeing as though my dad is in them]
  • Yasir Al-Kimad, the leader

I will need voice actors for these characters:

  • Cpl. Gareth
  • Random OpFor [Just one is needed]
  • Random Army Dude [Same]
  • Yasir Al-Kimad
  • General Brettan McSmith

I also need someone who can record half-decent quality games on COD4.

Weapons for each team

U.S. Army

  • M16A4
  • M4A1 Carbine
  • M40A3
  • M21
  • M249 SAW
  • M9
  • M1014
  • MP5

AWOL Soldiers

Aaron McCord will be using an M16A4, though he will be given an M14 when he defends the city at the end.

So, here are Micheal Gareth's weapon choices, I would prefer if they use one of the, well, preferred weapons, though he will be given an M60/R700/M14 (Depending on the weapon type) at the end:

  • M16A4
  • M4A1 Carbine (Preferred)
  • M249 SAW (Preferred)
  • M1014
  • M40A3 (Preferred)
  • M21 (Preferred)
  • M9
  • MP5
  • M1014

ME Defense (In-movie name for Opfor)

  • AK-47
  • AKS-74U
  • Skorpion
  • RPD
  • SVD
  • W1200
  • M9
  • G3


  • Me
  • The next person to sign up

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