(I would have recycled another blog, but it won't frikkin load)

What guns do you think would be in MW2's gun game if they had one? I think it would go like this:

  • .44 Magnum (Revolver)
  • M9 Akimbo (Kinda like the Makarov)
  • Striker (Similar to the BO Spas-12)
  • SPAS-12 (Remember, this is MW2, not BO)
  • MP5k (Duh)
  • PP2000 Akimbo (I know it is an MP, but it is really similar to the skorpion in my opinion)
  • UMP45 (Both the 74u and the UMP are OP in my opinion)
  • FAL (Only semi-auto in game)
  • M16A4 (Ah-Derrrrr)
  • M4A1 (Couldn't find much else)
  • ACR (Couldn't find much else)
  • L86 LSW (Pretty similar in my opinion)
  • RPD (Slow ROF, high power, same reload, 100 rounds, similar recoil, they could be twins)
  • Intervention (Only Bolt action, same reload)
  • WA2000 (If you don't know why I used this, you need mental help)
  • RPG-7 (No launchers with more than one mag)
  • AT4 (Extremely similar to M72 LAW)
  • Thumper (MW2 counterpart of China Lake)
  • Semtex (No weapon given, semtex only)
  • Throwing knife (Same as above)

Post if you have a better idea, which is nearly impossible, considering i used almost the exact equivalents, nless it is about a crossbow or ballistic knife replacement.

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