In lieu of recent events (A failed RFA that i didn't even know about), I am going to do my best to change, as i will try to stay off blogs, and edit mainspace some more. I also am trying to do anti-vandal work. I want to try to be, from now on, almost completely blog free, save for my free-form blog, fanfic blog, and blogs concerning new game material (I.e., black ops trailers). So (This is for anyone), if you see me blogging, feel free to leave me a reminder to stop, as it would really help. Also, (This is for admins, crats, and other well-known users) if you feel you have to say something important, as comments are disabled, leave me a message on my talk. I also will try to be more active in forums concerning the wiki.


Bumblebeeprime09(Talk) 16:44, September 4, 2010 (UTC)

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