Due to parental controls (I HATE it), I can no longer go on my fanfic blog, so this is the place to post anything you would post on the other blog.

I will also post news on my fanfic below. also, BBP9 stands for Bumblebeeprime09. I tried to do something new, so I wrote it like a story in the newspaper, lol.

UPDATE: I can go to my old blog, but i will use this one now, since the old blog was for characters. This is where comments will go.

The BBP9 fanfic gazette

This has been in for a few days! BBP9 has posted Chapter Ten of his Fanfiction story! Check it out Here!

We asked Bumblebeeprime09 for more news on upcoming chapters, and his response follows:

"Well, I am going to work on chapter eleven soon, since I just finished part 2 of the story. I also have to say, I am surprised at how much feedback i am getting. I never thought this would get more than, say, 7 or 8 people reading this. I am very thankful for all you guys, and I am working pretty hard on this. I am facing a barrier of recently installed parental controls, which i think is stupid. However, I have thought of a way around them, and will be writing more soon. Also, If you have read the story, then you should expect more action in the third and final part of my story. And if you haven't read it, then read it! I usually get positive comments shortly after I post another chapter, so that is good. Again, thanks to all of you."

Now in! Chapter eleven AND twelve have been posted!

Post any comments below!

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