I want you to list your fav gun in mw2. Im just curious. Mine's the AK-47. If you want to play, my psn is ATATkiller.

Update: I recycled this blog, so it is now about my next fanfiction. It will be set where russian forces have taken over the world, and a liberation organization seeks to drive the russians out of america, and eventually, back to their home land.






Country: (Anything but russia, china, vietnam, cuba, or north korea)

  • Weapons are different. There are a few weapons for you to choose from, and you can have them customized If you do not like any of them, make your own, and i will name it for you. Weapons here:

UPDATE: I have officially named the fanfic, "The Liberators". Also, my other one (With the kids) is going to be called, "Kid SEAL"

Anyway, The fanfic is here.(If it shows up as a redlink, i haven't made it yet, and will just put a link.

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