I saw Griever's scenario thingy, and wanted to make my own- only for black ops, and for PS3 players, as Griever's was for MW2 on Xbox. It will be similar, where each side gets it's own guns, and maybe killstreaks. (TO GRIEVER: If you feel I am copying you and you do not like it, then tell me. If you want, I will shut it down, but only if you TELL ME.)

UPDATE: I am doing private match with preset classes, also made realistic, as far as attachments. I will list the guns here. Perks and equipment aren't included, too much time, and not a huge deal. All sides will now use on;y a crossbow for the special, the ballistic knife is being cut. Sorry, just issues with realisticism or something, and I think many people prefer the crossbow. Killstreaks are still up to the player. I have only completed the SOG vs. NVA game mode, so the other two need to be made still.

Weapons used

Weapons are not exactly as listed, but need to be changed. The Infantryman and Shotgunner are available to all factions.


  • SOG Assault: Commando Dual mags, M1911 UIS (Upgraded iron sights)
  • SOG Scout: MAC-11 Extended mags, Crossbow
  • SOG Support: HK21 Drum Mag, China Lake
  • SOG Sniper: WA2000 Variable Zoom, M1911 Extended Mags
  • NVA Assault: AK-47 Dual Mags, Makarov UIS
  • NVA Scout: Uzi Grip, Crossbow
  • NVA Support: RPK Drum Mag, RPG-7
  • NVA Sniper: Dragunov Variable Zoom, Makarov Extended mags
  • Shotgunner: Stakeout Grip, M72 LAW
  • Infantryman: M14 Multiple Attachments (ACOG & Grip), Python Dual Wield

Black Ops vs. Spetsnaz

  • BO Assault: AUG w/ Reflex Sight, M1911 Suppressor
  • Spet Assault: Galil ACOG, Makarov Suppressor
  • BO Scout: MP5k (Forgot what attachments it has, sry), Crossbow
  • Spet Scout: AKS-74u (No attachments), Crossbow
  • BO Support: Stoner63 Red dot, China Lake
  • Spet Support: RPK Dual Mag, RPG-7
  • BO Sniper: WA2000 w/ Variable zoom, M1911 Dual-wield
  • Spet Sniper: Dragunov Variable zoom, Makarov Dual-wield
  • Shotgunner: HS-10, M72 LAW
  • Infantryman: FN FAL (Forgot attachments), Python Speed loader

I would like to explain that the Python dual wield reloads all six bullets at one time, like with a speed loader. The same goes for dual wielded HS-10s, by the way.

Killstreaks (All factions)

Players may choose two killstreaks to use out of these.

  • Radar Jammer (Counter-Spy Plane)
  • Napalm Strike
  • Mortar team
  • Rolling Thunder
  • Attack helicoper


  • No using the other team's classes. You have six classes at your disposal, no need to steal from the other team. Besides, they are pretty similar.
  • It will be in a hardcore layout, with half health, instead of miniscule.
  • Gaming Day is being pushed back to the 21st.


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