• TheBigOne97

    This is my attempt to make a balenced and fun COD game, don't judge me cause of my opinion.

    1. Assult Rifles

    M4A1 Carbine



    AKM (basicly an AK-47)

    AK-74 (less rangel and power but a higher ROF and less recoil.)




    FAMAS F1

    TAR-21 (with less power than in MW2)


    AUG A3

    SCAR-H (possibly a SCAR-L too)

    M14 EBR

    • note: to make AR's more balenced, the type of bullet should decide its power, range and recoil.

    example the 5.56 bullet,( M4,M16, AK-74, ect.) will have medium recoil, medium power, and medium

    range, and the 7,62 (FAL, AKM, G3, M14, ect.) will have high recoil, power and range. this will force the

    player to think more tacticaly about the gun he uses. also i would like fire selectors to be added so that

    7.62 will be controllable.

    2. Sub…

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