CODBLOPSIIHeaderThin As a part of a series of new micro-transactions, Call of Duty: Black Ops II has introduced new weapon skins that can be used to further customize your loadouts. These personalization packs contain unique weapon camos. To celebrate these new weapon additions, we'll be throwing a giveaway. We have codes for eight different weapon skins: Benjamins, Dia de Muertos, Graffiti, Jungle Warfare, Kawaii, Party Rock, Viper, and Zombie. See what they look like below!

Three users have a chance to win all eight of these weapon skins by leaving a comment to this blog. We want to ask, "What would be your ideal gun skin in your loadout?" What pattern, picture, or theme would you like to show off? Tell us in words (or if you're creative, create your own to show us!)

Three logged-in users will be selected at random to receive eight codes for the skins listed above! Let's get creative, Wikians!

NOTE: These codes are for XBOX LIVE only. We apologize for the lack of PS3 codes. Contest ends Monday, March 25th, 2013. Only logged in accounts are valid.

CONGRATULATIONS to Snipergod, NaRusskom, and Olli1980, our code winners! And thanks to everyone for submitting their amazing ideas!

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