Ah, come in. If you are like most of the world, you want a perch of power. A way to make all before you grove at your very feet. Well, not everyone is born into royalty, or is good at polotics, for that matter. So,  if you want to be supreme emperor of all life, or maybe conquer a social network or two, or even a school, simply follow these steps.

Have fun, dominators!

  1. Gain Powerful Allies. This will help you, as your journey will be difficult without help. Think about it. The United States gained independence with help from France, and later won WW2 with help from Russia. Gain some allies, and powerful ones. People who can get things done. And keep the partnership secret, at least until you need to. Also, if things spiral out of control, you can pretend to be the good guy, and blame then. 
  2. Inside Jobs. Have your followers get on the inside to gain Information. Think of, say, Farid in BO2. Dispose of them if need be.
  3. Influence. Power to the people. Make it so the other leader's followers distrust thier ruler. Also, instigate battles between two groups, by using disguise. Then, while they are distracted, move inand extract your plan. 
  4. Blackmail. Simple.
  5. Take control of your own group first. Then begin to expand the grip of your iron fist.
  6. Seem fair, at least at first. Wait to show your power until they can't rebel.
  7. Get a high command, so they can't rebel.

Have fun!


This was simply for amusement purposes. I actually would highly reccomend NOT taking over the world. 

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