Ah, yes, Tranzit. A more complex style of Zombies gameplay. Everybody keeps complaining it sucks even though a while back they complained, "Oh, wah, this is so easy." or "Oh, wah, Treyarch is so unoriginal." Two Things:

  1. Quit complaining. If you don't like it, don't play it and find MORE things to complain about.
  2. Read this great walkthrough on how to survive in TranZit. THEN you can go complain more.

Round 1

Right off the bat, shoot 3 bullets at zombies, and knife. Wait to repair barricades until there are 2 zombies left. Build the turbine using these three parts:

  1. The fan. ALWAYS on the chair between a barricade and the power door.
  2. The Manniqieun. ALMOST always next to the signboard.
  3. The Flag thingy. ALWAYS below the phone on the left, near the closet with a barricade.

Round 2

Shoot 5 bullets at zombies, and then knife. When there is 2 zombies, use the turbine to open the power-door. Don't forget to grab the bus part if there is one!

If there is a bus part, install it before leaving. If you haven't already, and you are playing co-op, get the "Fuel Efficent" achievment by putting a turbine next to a lamp and have a Denizen crawl under it by luring one onto your face and running towards the lamp. Also, nab the teddy bear on the bench under the rain guard. Kill the zombies and get on the bus.

Round 3

Once you get to the Diner, and if you are playing Co-Op, have one person build the Zombie Shield and another get the second bus part from the little wooden shed near the edges of the area. Saves Time. Otherwise, if it's just Solo,    save up till you have, say, 1750 points, and open the door to the Mystery Box and get a good gun. Here are some "Okay" guns, should you not find the Ray Gun.

  • HAMR (slow reload. Buy Speed Cola.)
  • M8A1
  • War Machine (Yeah, I know, people say it Sucks. But it DOES explode. )
  • FN FAL (An old favorite. :D)
  • Executioner
  • Python
  • Five Seven (headshots)
  • Chicom CQB (conserve ammo)
  • AN-94

Let the bus leave. The Mystery Box is here, and so is Speed Cola. But before you do, put the part on it. Now, watch your step. A good place to camp would maybe be the corner of the Garage or inside the diner. Staying out in the open usually results in getting snuck up on. Trust me, I've heard enough "Come On!"s and "WTF!"s to satisfy a hungry zombie. So, stay here, rack up points, knife when you can, and survive.

The Next Time the Bus comes back

Get on the bus, and leave NO ONE behind. The Farm is pretty tricky. Once there, if you are running low, grab the Remington 870 MS. It's good for the CQ combat that WILL happen on the farm. Build the Turret if you like, but I can't seem to pin down precise locations. Check the Farm, House, Upstairs and this Wiki. I would actually reccomend Double Tap if you are getting the Remington. It's a pump-action. Get the bus part from the shed. If it is or isn't there, grab Claymores. Trust me, you'll need them. Stay here a bit, but get on the bus once it's leaving. You are off to see the power station. And no, it is not of Oz.

Power Station

Stick together. I have seen so Many people die because they ran around. "Ooh. I'm gonna go get Tombstone."

"Ooh, I'm gonna go look for parts." NO! Bad! Be a Team. If you are playing solo, hope you get lucky. That's all you can do. Open the door to the "White Room" and have one guy stand on the crates, killing from afar, and another watching his back. Have one guy look for the parts to the power switch, and a guy watching HIS back. The switch and that huge console thing are usually obvious, but the hand is tricky. It's usually on the floor. One time, for me, it was ESPECIALLY difficult due to the sheer amount of dead zombie parts on the floor. "Is that it? No, thats a foot."

l It was annoying. So try to be clean about your massacre, okay? Once the power is on, RUN. At this point, the bus is probably gone. If it IS still there, Get on it! If Not, just keep holdin them off and walking in circles in the empty area. Just do what you can to survive till the bus returns

Where to go from there?

Once you head to the town, you should get Juggernog and put the last part on the bus. This may get you the "Undead Man's Party Bus" achievment, if you haven't already. I would honestly reccomend staying here. It's  really the best place out of all of them. Think about it. The Bus Depot is, eh, okay....if you like M14's and Olympia's at Round 50. The's just....I'ts hard to say, exactly. It's just this wierd vibe. Whenever me or my friends tay there we seem to die right away. The Farm? No. Just no. Maybe the Power Station, if you ran laps. Now, if you ARE going to stay in the town, run laps through the two buildings. Wanna do the Easter egg? Go ahead. Wanna Pack-A-Punch? Be my guest! But stay in the town. And Good Luck.

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