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Killstreak Wishlist For Modern Warfare 3

3 kill streak:UAV/Ammo Drop

4 kill streak:Counter UAV/Care Package/Land Drone(RCXD)

5 kill streak:Air Strike/Mortars/Special Weapon Drop

6 kill streak:Air Drone[RCXP(Remote Controlled Explosive Plane)/Reaper

7 kill streak:Machine Strike(Air Strike but with machine guns)/Helicopter/Sniper Team

9 kill streak:Dogs/Pavelow

11 kill streak:Chopper Gunner/AC-130/Rocket Turret

13 kill streak:EMP/Toxic Strike(like Nova 6)

15 kill streak:Nuclear Strike(kills anyone in its radius,doesnt end the round or match)

25 kill streak:Tactical Nuke(ends round but not match)

30 kill streak:Atom Bomb(ends the whole match)

Also,the perk 'Hardline' should make killstreaks and deathstreaks need 1 less kill,and pro should make them need 2 less kills(UAV for 1 kill!)

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