Hello Call of Duty Wikia. I am OnePsychoRat. My profile name may be TheIMightyJelly, but I would like to go by OnePsychoRat, if that's alright. Anyways, this is my first blog post on this forum/site. I would like to outline what I will post in these blogs which I will write whenever I have enough time.

One of the things that I intend to write about is Call of Duty, as this is a Call of Duty forum/website. It therefore would be imprudent and illogical for me to write about other games than Call of Duty.

I also intend to write about things that I consider more "deep" than gaming, such as philosophy, thoughts on issues in the real world, and the like. With that said, you can always count on my writing to be well thought out, as I am a Journalism major at the Northwestern University. Thanks.

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