So I thought that I would be incredibly original today and join the throngs of people writing these "wish lists" for the Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer. This will cover all of the portions of the game from modes to weapons and attachments. This will be an incredibly detailed list, and I hope that I do not get bored of it. There will be 60 levels.


Primary Weapons

Assault Rifles (all have a fire selector except where noted, press down on the D-Pad to change)

Low Power=4-5 Hit kill

Moderate Power=3-5 hit kill

High Power=3-4 hit kill

Low Accuracy=Similar to Black Ops Uzi

Moderate Accuracy=Similar to CoD 4 AK-47

High Accuracy=Similar to CoD 4 M4

Lvl 1: F2000 (default with Assault Class, see lower, same as MW2, less recoil, 30 rounds)

Lvl 4: M14 (single shot, high power, moderate accuracy, no selector, 20 rounds)

Lvl 8: M16 (default three round burst, moderate power, high accuracy, low ROF, 30 rounds)

Lvl 15: L85 (default full auto, high power, low accuracy and ROF, 30 rounds)

Lvl 20: G36c (default full auto, low power, moderate accuracy, high ROF, 30 rounds)

Lvl 26: AUG (default full auto, high power, low accuracy, low ROF, 30 rounds)

Lvl 33: M4A1 (default full auto, moderate power, moderate accuracy, low ROF, 30 rounds)

Lvl 39: AK-47 (default full auto, no burst, high power, extremely low accuracy, moderate ROF, 30 rounds)

Lvl 45: HK416 (default full auto, moderate power, moderate accuracy, moderate ROF, 30 rounds)

Lvl 50: G3 (default full auto, no selector, high power, high ROF, extremely low accuracy [think F2000 from MW2], 20 rounds)

Lvl 60: FAMAS (no selector, three burst, high power, high accuracy, low ROF, 24 rounds)

Sub Machine Guns

High Power=3-6 hit kill

Moderate Power=4-7 hit kill

Low power=4-8 hit kill

High Recoil=Similar to Black Ops Uzi with rapid fire

Moderate Recoil=CoD 4 AK-74u

Low Recoil=CoD 4 MP5

Skorpion=2 hit kill within five yards, 5 hit kill past that

Lvl 1: MP5 (low power, low recoil, high ROF, 30 rounds)

Lvl 5: Skorpion (see note, 20 rounds)

Lvl 10: Uzi (high power, high recoil, moderate ROF, 32 rounds)

Lvl 12: UMP .45 (moderate power, moderate recoil, low ROF, 25 rounds)

Lvl 19: AK-74u (low power, moderate recoil, moderate ROF, 30 rounds)

Lvl 30: PPSh-41 (low power, moderate recoil, high ROF, 72 rounds)

Lvl 40: MP7 (high power, moderate recoil, low ROF, 20 rounds)

Lvl 47: PP2000 (low power, low recoil, moderate ROF, 20 rounds)

Lvl 56: P90 (high power, low recoil, low ROF, 50 rounds)

Light Machine Guns

Low Power=35 damage (does not benefit as much from headshots at range)

Moderate Power=40 Damage

High Power=50 Damage

Low Recoil=RPD from CoD 4 sans Grip

Moderate Recoil=M240 from MW2 sans Grip

High Recoil=M60 with Double Tap sans Grip (CoD 4)

Lvl 2: RPD (low power, low recoil, moderate ROF, 100 rounds)

Lvl 11: M60 (high power, high recoil, low ROF, 100 rounds)

Lvl 23: M249 SAW (low power, moderate recoil, high ROF, 200 rounds, no extended mags)

Lvl 36: M240 B (moderate power, moderate recoil, low ROF, 100 rounds)


Sniper Rifles

All have the Same power, multipliers are different and will be listed per sniper rifle. Base Damage for all is 70, 50 suppressed.

Lvl 3: M200* (Head: 1.8 Neck: 1.8 Chest: 1.5 Everything Else: 1.0, 7 rounds)

Lvl 13: Barret .50 Ca (Head: 2.0 Neck: 1.6 Chest: 1.6 Stomach: 1.5 Limbs: 1.4, 10 rounds)

Lvl 27: L96A1 (Head: 1.8 Neck: 1.8 Chest: 1.7 Stomach: 1.4 Everything Else: 1.0, 5 rounds)

Lvl 38: M21 (Head: 1.5 Neck: 1.5 Chest: 1.4 Everything Else: 1.0, 10 rounds)

Lvl 60: RSASS (Head: 2.0 Neck: 1.8 Chest: 1.6 Stomach: 1.5 Everything Else: 1.0, 10 rounds (?))


These weapons may be selected as either a primary or secondary weapon, however, you cannot have two of the same class at the same time.


All shotguns fire 8 pellets, unless noted otherwise. Damage is individual, and will be listed in (individual pellet damage)x(amount of pellets)=(total maximum damage). Damage falls off after 20 meters, and the pellets dissipate.

Lvl 4: SPAS-12 (pump action, (18)x(8)=(144), 8 shots)

Lvl 8: 870 MCS (pump action, (20)x(8)=(160), 8 shots)

Lvl 21: M1014 (semi auto, (15)x(8)=(120), 6 shots)

Lvl 25: Striker (semi auto, (15)x(6)=(90), 12 shots)

Lvl 42: Saiga 12 (semi auto, (30)x(6)=(180), 5 shots)

Lvl 49: AA-12 (full auto, (12)x(8)=(96), 8 shots)

Secondary Weapons


Low Power=4-6 hit kill

Moderate Power=4-5 hit kill

High Power=3-5 hit kill

Desert Eagle=2-3 hit kill

Low Recoil=CoD 4 M1911

Moderate Recoil=Black Ops M1911

High Recoil=.357 Magnum W@W

Monster Recoil=Desert Eagle

Lvl 1: M1911 (moderate power, low recoil, 8 rounds)

Lvl 2: M9 (low power, low recoil, 15 rounds)

Lvl 3: USP .45 (moderate power, moderate recoil, 12 rounds)

Lvl 16: P99 (moderate power, high recoil, 12 rounds, long switch time)

Lvl 31: .44 Magnum (Desert Eagle Power, monster recoil, 6 rounds)

Lvl 52: Desert Eagle (Desert Eagle Power, monster recoil, 7 rounds)


All launchers do 200-50 damage with differing blast radii.

Lvl 1: AT4 (kill radius: 3 meters, effective radius: 7 meters, one rocket, no reserves, no lock on)

Lvl 14: RPG-7 (kill radius: 4 meters, effective radius: 6 meters, one rocket, one reserve, no lock on)

Lvl 20: Stinger (vehicle lock on only, one SAM, one in reserve)

Lvl 35: M32 MGL (six cylinder revolving grenade launcher, semi auto, 6 grenades, 6 reserve, kill radius: 2 meters, effective radius: 3.5 meters)

Lvl 43: Javelin (ground/air lock on, one rocket, non-reloadable)


Lvl 1: Knife (one hit kill on any target, must be equipped to work, also allows for a pistol to be carried separately, has pistol draw speed)


Equipment will be utilized like in Modern Warfare 2. All grenades do 150-75 damage, and all mines do 200-50 damage.

Lvl 1: Frag (kill radius: 3 meters, effective radius, 6 meters, one per spawn, five second fuse)

Lvl 1: Semtex (kill radius: 3 meters, effective radius, 6 meters, one per spawn, three second fuse from throw, sticky)

Lvl 10: Claymore (kill radius: 1 meter (includes up/down), effective radius: 3 meters, .82 second click time)

Lvl 26: PMN* (kill radius: 1 meter (no vertical, but all horizontal directions, effective radius: 3 meters, .82 second jump time)

Lvl 40: C4 (kill radius: 1.75 meters, effective radius, 4 meters, deploy RB, detonate XX, two packs)

Tactical Grenades

Intended to distract enemies, not kill. One grenade is default.

Lvl 1: Stun Grenade (radius: 3 meters)

Lvl 1: Flashbangs (radius: 5 meters, only looking at the grenade or within 2 meters)

Lvl 1: Smoke Grenade (smoke screen)

Lvl 10: Pepper Spray Grenades (similar to Nova Gas, radius: 3 meters, what’s the real name for these?)

Perk 1

Perk 1 will be comprised of inventory enhancements.

Lvl 1: Lightweight (faster movement)

PRO: Faster mantle, faster weapon draw from sprint

Lvl 1: Scavenger (pick ammo up off corpses)

PRO: More starting ammo

Lvl 4: Flak Jacket (less damage from explosives)

PRO: Throw back grenades safely, take off stuck Semtex

Lvl 29: NVGs/Thermal Goggles (Up on D-Pad, see in the dark)

PRO: Faster switch time and no lens flare from light (flashbangs still effective)

Lvl 41: One Man Army (takes up secondary, does not replenish ammo if the same class is selected)

PRO: Faster switch time, replenishes bullets for the selected class

Perk 2

These perks affect one’s weapon.

Lvl 1: Stopping Power ** (increased weapon damage)

PRO: Do more damage with bullets to aircraft

Lvl 1: Juggernaut** (increased health)

PRO: Faster health regeneration (?) Post if you have a better idea; I’d love to hear it.

Lvl 18: Cold-Blooded (invisible to UAV)

PRO: No red name and cross hair when targeted, not detectable by thermal, helicopters, or Sentry Guns

Lvl 24: Bling*** (two primary weapon attachments)

PRO: Two weapon attachments on secondary weapons

Lvl 42: Sleight of Hand (faster reloads)

PRO: Faster ADS****, faster action (plant/defuse bombs, cap flags, etc.)

Perk 3

Perk 3 will be character enhancements.

Lvl 1: Marathon (infinite sprint)

PRO: Can sprint and reload simultaneously

Lvl 1: SitRep (see enemy equipment through walls)

PRO: Louder enemy footsteps, silences your own footsteps*****

Lvl 7: Steel Bones (take no fall damage from any 15 foot fall or less)

PRO: take no fall damage from any fall on a map******

Lvl 13: Steady Aim (increased hip fire accuracy)

PRO: Longer hold breath for snipers/lower sway for other weapon classes


Assault Rifle Attachments

All attachments are available for all weapons, except where noted.

10 Kills: Dual Mags (not available for: M14. Gives alternating fast reloads, extra starting ammo)

10 Kills: Grip (M14 only; reduces recoil)

25 Kills: Red Dot Sight (Precision Red Dot: Russian weapons receive Kobra dots; American/German Weapons receive Tasco Red Dots; British and French weapons receive MW2 dots, F2000 receives its own sight)

50 Kills: FMJ (increased penetration)

75 Kills: Silencer (no dot on the radar when firing)

100 Kills: ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight, short range scope: Russian weapons receive PK-AV, L85 receives SUSAT, AUG receives Swarovski Scope)

200 Kills: Extended Mags (self-explanatory)

300 Kills: Masterkey (underslung shotgun, four chambered shells)

500 Kills: Grenade Launcher (underslung grenade launcher, fires 40 mm grenades. M203 is mounted on American weapons; AG36 is mounted on German/French/Belgian weapons; GP-25 on everything else)

Submachine Gun Attachments

10 Kills: Rapid Fire (provides a 1.33x multiplier to fire rate)

25 Kills: Red Dot Sight (precision red dot reflex sight, Kobra model for all weapons)

50 Kills: FMJ (increased bullet penetration)

75 Kills: Silencer (no dot on the radar when firing, unavailable for the PPSh-41)

100 Kills: Akimbo (hip fire 2 SMGs; not available on the AK-74u or PPSh-41)

100 Kills: ACOG (advanced zoom ACOG scope, AK-74u and PPSh-41 only, PK-AV model)

200 Kills: Extended Mags (self-explanatory)

300 Kills: Grip (decrease recoil)

Light Machine Gun Attachments

10 Kills: Grip (decrease recoil)

25 Kills: Red Dot Sight (precision red dot reflex sight, Kobra model for all weapons)

50 Kills: FMJ (increased bullet penetration)

100 Kills: ACOG (enhanced zoom close quarters optic. ACOG on all non-RPD weapons, PK-AV on the RPD)

200 Kills: Muzzle Brake (decreases flash and noise from weapon being fired, no negative effect on range, but still on radar)

300 Kills: Belt Fed (puts all ammo in one belt, movement penalty)

Sniper Rifle Attachments

10 Kills: Silencer (drops damage to 50, no dot on radar)

25 Kills: ACOG (lower zoom scope. Refer to above)

50 Kills: Thermal (shows enemies white on a gray background)

75 Kills: FMJ (increased penetration)

100 Kills: Extended Mags (self-explanatory)

Shotgun Attachments

10 Kills: Red Dot Sight (precision dot)

25 Kills: Grip (faster pump on pump action, lower recoil)

50 Kills: Silencer (no red dot on radar)

75 Kills: Extended Mags (self-explanatory)

150 Kills: Incendiary (fires fire, reduced range)

Pistol Attachments

10 Kills: FMJ (increased penetration)

25 Kills: Laser (underbarrel laser, improves hipfire accuracy)

50 Kills: Silencer (no red dot on radar)

75 Kills: Akimbo (hip fire two pistols)

100 Kills: Extended Mags (self-explanatory)

150 Kills: Fast Draw (Only available for P99, quicker draw time)


Lvl 1: SOG Knife (slashes targets within 3 meters)

Lvl 10: Karambit (stabs targets within 5 meters)

Lvl 20: Bowie Knife (slashes and stabs targets within 5 meters)

Lvl 30: Throwing Knife (can be thrown, also useable to slash targets at 3 meters)

Lvl 40: Gladius (Sword designed to slash or stab within 8 meters, slow draw time, slow recovery)



TDM: 6v6 team based game mode. First team to 75 kills wins

Mercenaries: 6v6 mosh pit mode, weighted towards TDM and Domination. No parties.

Free-For-All: 8 players go head to head. First player to 30 kills wins.

Domination: 6v6 mode in which teams fight for three flags. Capture them and hold them for points. Every five seconds 1 point is given for each flag held. First team to 200 points wins.

Ground War: 9v9 mix of TDM and Domination weighted more towards Domination. Score limits are increased to 100 kills and 300 points respectively.

Capture The Flag: 6v6 mode in which there is a flag in each team’s base. The first team to successfully steal and capture the enemy flag three times wins the round. The first team to win two rounds wins. After one round, there is an intermission during which the sides are switched.

Sabotage: 6v6 mode in which two teams fight to steal a bomb neutrally located. The team that steals the bomb must plant the bomb at the enemy sight. First team to detonate a bomb wins.

Search and Destroy: 6v6 mode where one team is on defense for three rounds. After three rounds, the sides switch. The offense can either plant the bomb and defend it, or eliminate all defenders. The defenders must ensure that the bomb does not explode if planted. One life will be granted per person per round. First team to score four wins is the victor.

Headquarters: 6v6 mode in which teams try to control an area for 60 seconds in order to gain points. 50 points are given every five seconds, with a maximum of 1200 points in one cap. Once defenders get killed, they stay dead. First team to score 2500 points wins.

Demolition: 6v6 mode similar to Search and Destroy where teams try to plant the bomb on both bomb sites. Respawns are granted to players. First team to two wins wins.


Hardcore features TDM, FFA, Search and Destroy, and Headquarters with decreased health and no HUD. Respawn times are featured in TDM (15 seconds) and FFA (7 seconds).


Pure: TDM in which there are no perks, attachments, or killstreaks.

Classic: TDM with no attachments and killstreaks are set at 3 (UAV), 5 (Airstrike), and 7 (Helicopter).


  • I’m so proud I knew what the military designation of the Intervention was. I didn’t even look it up.

    • They cancel each other out.

      • There cannot be two magazine attachments simultaneously in use. That means no Extended Mags+Dual Mags.

        • Except for snipers! (LOL) Seriously, get good. LEARN TO QS without SoH Pro. It wasn’t hard in MW, it wasn’t hard in W@W, it wasn’t hard in MW2, and it wasn’t hard in BO.

          • This is only in your ears. This is so you can hear enemy footsteps and not think they’re yours.

            • This means that you can fall from a thirty foot fall (like off the cliff on Afghan behind the plane) but not off the map (off the same clip into the abyss).

Thanks for reading; if you did read, leave a J.

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