I was doing a bit of thinking yesterday (always a dangerous activity) about the current perk system in Call of Duty, and I came up with two very different, but very similar ideas. One idea is similar to Homefront's system, and the other is more of an inventory system.

System 1: The Homefront System

This system assigns point values to each perk that differ based on its power in the game. A player gets a total of four points, with which they can assign whichever perks they want. They get one more point at the halfway prestige (if there's fifteen, at 8th prestige, I round up). This system also has no pro perks.

4 points

Stopping Power=Extra bullet damage

Juggernaut=take less bullet damage (balances out Stopping Power)

Danger Close=extra explosive damage, does not apply to grenade launchers or Rockets (Claymores, C4, Frags, Semtex)

Flak Jacket=less explosive damage (balances out DC)

Second Chance=fall down with a pistol before death, can be revived

3 points

UAV Jammer=Don't appear on radar (still visible to all killstreaks)

Overkill=Carry two primary weapons (shotguns are primary weapons)

Sleight of Hand=Faster reloads

Scrambler=Delay Claymore detonations

2 points

Steady Aim=Tighter Hipfire

Iron Lungs=Longer hold breath

Thermal Vision=equip thermal goggles

Deep Impact=More bullet penetration

Primary Grenades x2=2 primary grenades instead of 1

1 point

Special Grenades x3=3 special grenades instead of 1

Bomb Squad=See enemy explosives

Bandolier=Extra ammo

Shades=Flashbangs and stuns do not have as great of an effect on the player

System 2: Inventory

This system is more of an inventory. You may pick from a selection of perks to improve your inventory.

Special Grenades x3=3 special grenades

Primary Grenades x2=2 primary grenades

Shades=Flashbangs and stuns do not have as great of an effect on the player

Bandolier=More ammo

Claymore x2=Two claymore mines

C4 x2=Two C4 detonators

RPG x2=Two RPG launchers

Bomb Squad=See enemy explosives

Night Vision/Thermal Goggles=Equip Nightvision/Thermal Goggles (depends on map)

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