Today is Wednesday, February 16, 2011. It also happens to be my girlfriend's birthday, so happy birthday Hannah, if you read this. Anyways, today I would like to talk to you all about the community, which I just realized I misspelled in the title. Now that that's fixed, here's what's been happening. People have been complaining all the time about everything and not doing anything. They're sort of reminding me of the bohemians of American history. Bohemians are Freudian scholars who support the rejection of Victorian prudency, but failed to see the dark side of Freud. Where this comes to complaining, these people were also "progressives", such as Woody Wilson, Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, and William Howard Taft. However, all they did was complain. When the time came to get involved, they didn't. And this brings me to the community. Everyone always says "OMG ZOMG I'M NOT GONNA BUY THE NEXT COD GAME LULZ AND BATTLEFIELD WILL BEAT IT MLG 360 YY LADDERSHOT", yet every CoD game trumps the previous one within a week. The point is, that, without a massive organized strike, the community will not be recognized by Activision. And I say Activision, not Treyarch or IW or Respawn or Sledgehammer or Raven because Activision are the ones who assign prices, dates, have deals with Microsoft (which don't bother me as an Xbox player). The point is that the people complaining have no idea what they're trying to mess with. Also, in theory, we could sue them for violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1914. And if you couldn't tell this post was sarcastic, then you don't know anything.

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