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I had a terrible day today!

Today, We were taking the E.L.A. tests. Thats not the bad part, as they were easy. What happened was I finished and fell asleep in the hard chair in a hunched position, and when I woke up, I stretched, and it hurt... A LOT! So, I dealt with my terribly thrown-out back for the rest of the day, and THEN when cleaning up the stage, from the play I was in, I jumped down the stage and sprained my ankle, followed by having the bring a sofa up A STAIRCASE! I managed to find an excuse for that, but when I tried to get them to manuveur the sofa the right way, my dumb-ass friend slammed me against the wall with the sofa, ON MY VIDEO GAME PLAYING HAND! I had to deal with these while playing WaW. Thrown out back, sprained ankle, and terribly slow trigger finger for the Gewher-43(?). Worst day I have had in a LONG LONG LONG time. And guess what? E.L.A.'s continue tomorrow. Hazzah! (<====Sarcastic) Wish me luck. Damn, I am sore ALL OVER. (BTW I bet Griever will jump in talking about how he was shot or something and how much THAT hurt.) BTW I am 12 if anyone is wondering...

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