Following the recent trend, with my love of the 1887s I felt I would help YOU guys out with my inside you knowledge of the weapon, and some tips and tricks of the trade.

Here, I will take my time to explain thoroughly explain the perk combinations for you Model 1887 to come out on top.


The Model 1887 is a lever action weapon, unlocked respectively at level 67. It has medium stopping power, and slower RoF. Ever since the recent patches (1.07 & 1.08) the Model 1887's have been loosing their users greatly. This gun is now used as a "Skill" weapon, due to its slow RoF and reload time. It has the same range as the SPAS-12, however has lower damage, RoF and Reload time.


Sniper - Same mobility as SMG, but with added ghillie suit. Good for ninja defuses on maps like Overgrown, Afghan and Derail. 10/10

SMG - Best mobility, but without ghillie suit. Personal preference needed. 10/10

Anything else - lowers mobility and is unneeded. 0/10


FMJ : Useful for small wall penetration, and is proven by Bord to increase range, but only by a few inches. 10/10

Akimbo : A good perk for close range, but range is severely reduced due to patches. Use this wisely. 3-8/10


Perk I

Bling - With only 2 attachments, this is a fairly unused perk. Other perks can fill this spot much better. 4/10

Marathon - As always, this is a close range class, so this perk would benifiet greatly when used, as the amount of shells are already extremely high, even without the use of scavenger pro. 9/10

Sleight of Hand - Perhaps one of the most useful perks with this gun, depending on how many shells you need to reload. 7/10

Scavenger - As mentioned above, this weapons starting ammunition is already high, so this perk is only needed if the user is prone to staying alive often. 8/10

One Man Army - Replaces secondary, and this is a secondary. WTF?! 0/10

Perk II

Stopping Power - Useful, due to lower damage statistics. 10/10

Lightweight - Useful due to close combat capabilities. 9/10

Hardline - Many other perks can fill the role of this slot. 4/10

Cold-Blooded - Excellent for a ninja defuse, or is creeping around in a building, to not be seen. 6/10

Danger-Close - Many other perks can fill the role of this slot. This is a close quarters kit, so extra explosive damage can potentially kill the user. 2/10

Perk III

Commando - Close quarters class, extremely useful if first bullet misses, or if caught in reloading process. 9/10

Steady Aim - Hip accuracy is already extremely impressive. 3/10

Scrambler - Enemies without radar? Great for a CBQ class, but can give out position. 4/10

Sit-Rep - With all those camping enemies, and a LOT of claymore threatening you streak while in close quarters, this is an EXTREMELY useful perk. 7/10

Last Stand - With a CBQ kit, this can actually save your life by knifing an enemy, if he is close enough, or finish him off. 6/10

Preffered CBQ class setup :

Any sniper.

Model 1887, of course.

Slieght of Hand.

Stopping power.


There my guide to the Model 1887. Well, whadda' ya' waitin' for?! GO PWN SOME NOOBS! --TMOI {Reply} 20:52, June 17, 2010 (UTC)

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