Oh, hello. I didn't see you there. Would you like to know how to improve at Modern Warfare 2? Well, of course you do! Well then, I will tell you a bit about the game, as we go over tactics on how to take down the other team.


Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 is First Person Shooter that takes place in 2016 in which you control a character working to get rid of his enemies. The Modern Warfare series is very very popular, however the second installment of the game has caused some contreversy, getting the Infinity Ward company fired from Activision.

The rage

Modern Warfare 2 has been known to cause much rage in people playing the game, including myself, however utilizing the tips I am about to tell you can help you out.

Stay calm

Staying calm is a great way to start off this blog on how to improve at Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2. Some of the tips I use are

  • Try not to rage by rethinking your strategies. We will come back to this later.
  • If they are using a nooby class, pity them. This makes you think more positively that you have skill, they don't, and that you can easily overtake them with a good strategy.
  • Watch the Killcam. This may make you angry, but if you press start during the killcam, you can get positions of their Comrades, possibly camping, giving you a better chance to bring your team's score up (In team games, and sometimes objective games.).
  • Ignore big killstreaks. These will only cause you pain when you get a high killstreak and get killed by somebody.


Stealth : This is probably one of my favorite tactics, because if you can manage to find a way AROUND (not through, around) a heavy enemy emplacement (I.E. Campers with LMGs, Sentry Guns, Snipers, ect.) you may be able to pull off a triple kill, causing them to feel bad about themselves and play worse, thus keeping your team in the lead, and the process repeats itself.

Camping : One of the most looked down upon tactics, it can annoy your enemy, and if you are good enough at it, you can win an entire free for all with under a couple deaths.

Rushing : Not one of my personal favorite tactics, this includes using lightweight, yet powerful weapons to charge at your enemy front-on and lower their morale.

Sniping : Something I am absolutely terrible at, sniping is good if you need to take down your enemies at a long range, but your gun doesn't pack enough of a punch.

Be an asshole

Camp, use grenade launchers, trash talk, whatever it takes to piss your enemies off. Doing this will make them rush right back at you, only to be killed with the same humiliating fate.

This is closely tied with "Stay calm" because if you can recognize this, you can rethink your strategy, get out a stealth class, flank them, or alternatively fight fire with fire and just turn the whole battlefield into a bloody mess of craters from noob tubes.

Don't be an asshole to your teammates

If you see your teammate sniping, don't steal his spot and try to snipe. This will get you both killed.

Don't get in the way of sprinting teammates. This happened to me, needless to say, I was unhappy.

Don't take their care packages without their consent.

Avoid fire

Avoiding fire can be one of the best things in Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2, because of the weapon's strong power.

If you need to sprint across an area under fire, look down (This screws up your hitbox for headshots, and makes your smaller), serpentine, and sprint while jumping. This will make you considerably harder to hit, and you may just make it back in one piece.

Sharing is caring

If you are a low level, and you are lucky enough to get a sentry gun in your care package (I am being sarcastic. They are terrible) then let your teammate take it. You will get point for sharing, 50+ for every level required to get it, soin this care, 250 points, and its a plus for you and them. They think they got the better deal, when they may not even get kills, and you walk away with 250 more points.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this helpled.

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