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  • TheNo1DestinationFan

    After completion of "Buried", the zombies campaign bassicly ends. The new survivors had lit all 3 pylons, Maxis/Richtofen is out of the picture, and Samantha is stuck/freed, from/in the aether.

    What would the next DLC map offer us? How would the story continue? My theory is, the next map will be set in Argatha. The place where Samantha is trapped, and Brock and Gary  tried to prove it existed. 

    What do you guys think?

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  • TheNo1DestinationFan

    I might not get a lot of responses, but i REALLY need help with the "Tower of Babble" easter egg. Too many people are trolls, and the ones who offer to do it, just aren't skilled enough. I want to do Maxis' sides, so if anyone wants to help me, i'd really appriciate it.

    Gamertag on XBOX Live: KIDD x ALEX

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  • TheNo1DestinationFan

    Hey guys, so this is my thought for a new zombie campaign on fanfic game!

    Call of Duty: Renegade File Zombies 

    Plot: Zombie Campaign #1

    After the events of “Die Rise” in Black ops II, 4 new survivors, Ronald O’Brian, Dezy Moore, Stewart Moore, and Sandy Jackson, meet together inside of an airport, and discover zombies have invaded. With Sandy the playable character, they fight off the zombies, and get to a bi-plane outside of the airport. Having Ronald and Dezy sit on Stewart and Sandy’s lap, Ronald drives the plane out of the airport before the zombies can eat them.

    In the bi-plane, something on the control systems goes terrible wrong, causing the plane to nose dive into the Sahara desert. The survivors come out clean, and find shelter at a r…

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