Hey guys, so this is my thought for a new zombie campaign on fanfic game!

Call of Duty: Renegade File Zombies 

Plot: Zombie Campaign #1

After the events of “Die Rise” in Black ops II, 4 new survivors, Ronald O’Brian, Dezy Moore, Stewart Moore, and Sandy Jackson, meet together inside of an airport, and discover zombies have invaded. With Sandy the playable character, they fight off the zombies, and get to a bi-plane outside of the airport. Having Ronald and Dezy sit on Stewart and Sandy’s lap, Ronald drives the plane out of the airport before the zombies can eat them.

In the bi-plane, something on the control systems goes terrible wrong, causing the plane to nose dive into the Sahara desert. The survivors come out clean, and find shelter at a run-down hotel. After eating, sleeping, and doing “business”, the survivors find out they are not alone. As the zombies raid them on the 3rd floor, they make their way to the bottom floor, and fight their way to the front doors. As they fight outside, they reach a jeep, but realize the engine parts are absent. They all fight into the hotel’s basement, and grab the right parts, making it out of the hotel in one-piece.

After driving for 5 hours, the group reaches a train station. With a train waiting for them. With electric barriers around the station, they have no choice but to enter the station through the back doors. Busting in, they fight the zombies inside, and make it to the train. Turning it on, zombie’s board on as the train leaves for New Orleans, a place rumored to have a facility zombie-free. Eliminating every zombie but one, Dezy is bitten as she kicks the zombie off of the train. Rushing to Dezy, she doesn’t feel very good. As the train continues, Dezy begins to settle down as she feels normal again. Suddenly, the train’s warning signal blasts through the speakers as the controls die down. The train derails into a Louisiana power plant, injuring all of the survivors.

Waking up, Sandy finds himself alone with Stewart as they fight zombies through the power plant. Stewart is then bit in the leg as Sandy goes back to save him. Here the player has a choice. Is he hurry’s as fast as he can, he can save Stewart.

If he fails and is too worked up by the zombies, He is then attacked by a leaping zombie, which knocks him out. Sandy wakes up on the dirt grass, and turns to see Stewart is gone. Sandy is suddenly attacked by a zombie Stewart, who Sandy kills just then. Sandy is then rescued by Ronald and Dezy as the entire power plant’s towers begin to collapse, due to the plane crashing into them. Rushing out, they make it onto a highway, which they begin to hitchhike down.

If you saved Stewart, Sandy and Stewart make their way to the base of the power plant, where they group with Ronald and Dezy. As the 4 fight their way out of the plant, all of the towers begin to collapse due to plane’s crashing. The 3 make it to a highway, where they hitchhike down.

If you saved Stewart, the group finally makes it to New Orleans, and fights their way into a subway station. As Ronald powers up the subway train, they ride it as Zombies continue to fight their way into their sanctuary. Dezy is trapped in a corner, and Stewart can only keep the train’s main controls up for so long. You must make a choice: Save Dezy and crash the train, or help Stewart fix the train.

If you choose to help Dezy, you yank the zombie off of her as the train begins to derail. The entire train crashes into many pillars as the cars explode. Sandy is thrown outside of the train as it plows into the station, and explodes on contact. Rubble is thrown everywhere as Sandy gets up. Staggering to the train, Sandy makes it into the front car, but she collapses out of pain. With a zombie rushing towards her, she kicks it off of her as she grabs a Python from the ground. Killing the zombie, Sandy finds Dezy trying to help Stewart up as Ronald’s dead corpse in the corner. As Dezy and Sandy help Stewart out of the train, they find they are near the facility where they are meant to be safe. Entering, they find the lights are shut off, and no sign of life, not even zombies. As Stewart is laid down on a clean bed, Dezy goes into the basement to investigate. Stewart coughs up blood as he passes out. Hearing Dezy scream, Sandy rushes into the basement to find hundreds of dead bodies, including children; piled up everywhere. As the 2 gasp in horror, clattering is heard upstairs. Dezy and Sandy go to see a Zombie having Stewart as lunch. Shooting the zombie, Sandy goes and is attacked by a Zombie Stewart. He is shot by Dezy as many more zombies begin to infiltrate the facility. The two remaining girls take hide in the basement as the zombies begin to tear through the wooden door. The girls find nothing to escape in as they realize it is the end. As Dezy find’s an air duct, she realizes only one of them has enough time to escape. Sandy takes a grenade, and tells Dezy to hike and get to safety. Shutting the vent and trapping Dezy behind safe bars, Dezy pleads not to let Sandy do this. Holding the grenade, Sandy flashes back on her life as she smiles. The zombies finally bust through the door as she pulls the grenades top. She screams and rushes at the zombies, exploding along with the other zombies. Dezy covers her face as the explosion turns to white.

If you choose to abandon Dezy and help Stewart, Dezy’s neck is ripped apart by the zombie as Sandy and Stewart hold the lever for a little while longer. The train finally makes it to its destination as the zombie goes to bite Sandy. Sandy shoots the zombie just as Ronald comes into the picture. The 3 remaining survivors make their way up the stairs, and find choppers arriving at a very tall building. Stewart convinces Sandy and Ronald to give the place a try.  Realizing it must be the facility, they bust into the front doors to find zombies…everywhere. Sandy nearly loses her life as a zombie bites her shirt’s torso off. The zombie is shot by Ronald as they make their way to the 2nd floor, which contains even MORE zombies. After the 3rd floor collapses on top of them, they must wait out 5 minutes of zombie defense on the 2nd floor. After 7 minutes, the elevator surprisingly arrives. They are carried to the 2nd top floor as the chopper blades are heard above. As they close in, the chopper crashes through the roof, and onto the floor the survivors happen to be on. They all dive as the blades shatter the windows, and the floor begins to collapse. The 3 survivors dive onto the stairway just as all of the floors collapse, leaving only the roof. The survivors make their way to the roof to find only one more chopper ready to leave. Rushing towards it, Ronald leaps onto the chopper as Sandy and Stewart fail to make it. Ronald looks at them with sorrow as the chopper looks like it’s going to make it. Suddenly, the cockpit explodes, nearly forcing Ronald to fall out. The helicopter crashes back onto the roof, killing Ronald and the explosion sending Stewart flying backwards. Sandy falls down as the roof nearly collapses. It finally gives way as the two survivors fall, resulting in Stewart grabbing onto a hanging pipe, as Sandy grabs onto the chopper’s blades, and is thrown to the ground. After 20 seconds, she opens her eyes to see Stewart safe on the 23rd floor. As she looks left however, she sees many zombies rushing towards her. She blacks out as Stewart is heard screaming “SANDY!”…

If you choose to abandon Stewart at the plant, Sandy regroups with Ronald and Dezy as they find a highway, and hitchhike the rest of the way to New Orleans. Reaching the subway station, the 3 survivor’s power up the train as they travel the rest of the way to New Orleans. On the way, zombies board the train and nearly kill Sandy. The level to the train gets jammed, and Dezy needs Sandy’s help with the lever. Sandy turns and sees Ronald is about to be devoured by the zombies.  You have a choice: To prevent the train from crashing and let Ronald die, or save Ronald and let the train crash.

If you save Ronald, you pull the zombie off of him just before it bites him. Dezy however, loses control of the lever as the train begins to crash. Sandy and Ronald are thrown off of the train as the train explodes into the pillars, obviously killing Dezy. Getting to their feet, Sandy and Ronald realize they are at the facility where there are no zombies! Approaching the doors, Ronald breaches, but all the lights are shut off. As Sandy looks around, Ronald goes into the basement to investigate. Ronald then screams, causing Sandy to rush in to see hundreds of dead bodies; including children. Escaping the basement, Sandy and Ronald fight the oncoming wave of zombies that were heard by Ronald. Fighting 3 waves, Ron and Sandy escape through an air duct in the basement. Arriving in the streets, they take shelter in a run-down bank. Going to check for survivors, Ronald accidently sets off the alarms to the bank, attracting zombies from all over the city. Ronald is trapped behind bars as the zombies come to kill them. Sandy holds off 4 waves, but fear she cannot hold out any longer. Wishing Ronald luck, Sandy is devoured by the zombies as Ronald rocks back and forth in the corner…hundreds of zombies pounding on the metal bars…

If you choose to abandon Ronald and help Dezy, the zombies kill Ronald as Sandy holds them off from the cockpit. The train makes it to the stop safely as they see that many choppers are up aboard the roof. Not trusting the building, Sandy and Dezy instead retreat to a run-down bank, where they hold off 5 waves of zombies. Seeing a motorized truck in the back, Sandy goes to acquire it, but sets off the alarm. Metal bars trap her behind the counter as many Zombies come too finish off Dezy. Dezy gives all her stuff to Sandy, just as she is devoured by the zombies. Sandy rocks back and forth in the corner, crying as hundreds of zombies are tearing at the metal bars…

Maps in Multiplayer and Solo:

·         Airport Runway (Giant map, based on the first part of the campaign.)

·         Sahara Motel (Big map, based on the 2nd part of the campaign.)

·         Train Station Transit (Giant map, based on the 3rd part of the campaign. Name is pun on the game mode “TranZit”.)

·         Louisiana Plant (Medium Map, based on the 4th part of the campaign. Turning on the power is easy here.)

·         Louisiana Cabins (Big Map, located across the street from the Louisiana plant. You get to explore over 20 cabins.)

·         Dead City (Large map, takes place in the city of New Orleans, before the Subway Station scene. Name a pun on “Dead Island”.)

·         Subway Transit (Big map, based on the subway scene of the campaign. You can ride the subway train to different locations, and encounter special things. Includes the Zombie facility!)

·         Dead City: Part II (Big map, Takes place after the subway scene, in another area in the city of New Orleans.)

·         Orleans Empire (Giant map, takes place inside the New Orleans skyscraper. Elevator gives players a maximum thrill of 50 floors of fun. Includes the rooftop!

·         Bank Der Mind (Big map, takes place in the bank at the end of one of the endings of the 1st campaign.)

·         Mind over Matter (Giant map, takes place in a science facility. Can alter gravity, use special weapons, and even fly!)

·         Trails of Dead-Lake (Giant map, takes place inside an entire apartment complex: “Trails of Woodlake”. You can enter over 50 buildings, swim in a pool, and even explore a bayou surrounding the complex!)

·         Jungle Virus (Big map, takes place in the middle of a jungle. You can climb up vines, use throw able coconuts to sooth zombies, and even shoot them with all new mystery box weapons!)

·         Kemah Nightmare (Big map, takes place on the Kemah boardwalk of Galveston TX. You can ride some rides, and even break them off! Use fire juggling weapons for extra points! Don’t fall in the water though!)

·         Downhill II (Medium map, takes place on the same Downhill map in Black Ops II: Revolution.)

DLC: Renegade

·         Dead Yellowstone (Giant map, takes place in the old faithful area of the Yellowstone National Park.)


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