Modern Warfare 3 Wii Golden Gun Showcase Episode V MG3610:25

Modern Warfare 3 Wii Golden Gun Showcase Episode V MG36

Golden MG36 Gameplay (Wii)

Recommended Class Setup

MG36 with Rapid Fire and Kick

P99 with Tactical Knife

Bouncing Betty and Portable Radar

Recon, Blast Shield, Marksman

Support: SAM Turret, Advanced UAV, Escort Airdrop

Deathstreak: Juiced

Technical Views

- The MG36 is a three shot kill at close range and four at longer ranges.

- It has an above average effective range.

- Recoil is very omnidirectional, however still quite manageable.

- It has the fastest reload out of any LMG with still the 100 round belt.

- The iron sights are quite open, so the adding of sights isn't as necessary.

- It has a fire rate of 750 RPM.

Tips and Tricks

- Stick to defending objectives and points - never try to rush in.

- Do not rush with this gun - even if you put perks on to make it more usable at close range, it still has more disadvantages,

- Sticking to the gun's strengths will help you last longer if you play it remotely smart, in other words, don't try to make the gun something it isn't, instead improving more on its advantages.

- Making use of any sort of recon helps you out tremendously. Using Recon, UAVs, getting support via microphone, or listening for footsteps helps out.

- Note that using the Grip reduces the rate of fire. You can use this for conserving ammo, or use Rapid Fire and the Attachments profiency to give it a quicker rate of fire without sacrificing too much.

Thank you for reading!

Thanks for reading this. Just a quick little blog that I hope everyone enjoys. If you would like to see some MG36 gameplay on the Wii no less, click on the video above. Have a good day!

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