Just post what game in the series it's for, then the guns up to tier 20. Remember, the order is Pistol, Shotgun, SMG, Assault Rifle, LMG, Sniper Rifle, then others. Do what you will with World at War.

Call of Duty 4

Tier 1- Colt 45. Silencer

Tier 2-Desert Eagle

Tier 3-M1014

Tier 4-W1200 Grip

Tier 5-Skorpion

Tier 6-MP5

Tier 7-P90

Tier 8-G3

Tier 9-M16A4

Tier 10-MP44

Tier 11-G36C

Tier 12-M249 SAW

Tier 13-RPD

Tier 14-M60E4

Tier 15-M21

Tier 16-R700

Tier 17-Barret

Tier 18-RPG-7

Tier 19-AT4

Tier 20-Combat Knife

Modern Warfare 2

Tier 1-Magnum 44.

Tier 2-M9 Akimbo

Tier 3-Striker

Tier 4-SPAS-12

Tier 5-Ranger Akimbo

Tier 6-Vector

Tier 7-Mini-Uzi

Tier 8-UMP45

Tier 9-FAL

Tier 10-FAMAS

Tier 11-M4A1

Tier 12-ACR

Tier 13-AUG HBAR

Tier 14-MG4

Tier 15-M240

Tier 16-WA2000

Tier 17-Barret

Tier 18-Intervention

Tier 19-M93 Raffica Akimbo

Tier 20-RPG-7

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