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Wishlist of MW3 perks

List of 1st tier perks: Sleight of Hand-Reload faster-PRO-Aim faster.

Scavenger-Retrieve ammo from dead enimies-PRO-Start with additional ammo

Tactical Upgrade-Have 2 attachments on your gun-PRO-Have 3 attachments on your gun

Commando-Be able to have and extra equipment-PRO-Be able to have an extra special equpiment

Marathon-Have unlimited sprint-PRO-Sprint faster

Lightweight-Run faster-PRO-Go in and out of prone and over obstacles quicker

Tier 2: Hardline-Killstreaks require 1 less kill-PRO-Kilstreaks require 2 less kills

Sharpshooter-Hold breath longer-PRO-Spot enemy snipers marked in red outline

Gambler-Reroll carepackages-PRO-Have a higher chance of getting a better reward on reroll

Demolition-Explosions are 2x bigger-PRO-Enemy explosives marked in red outline

Chameleon-Undetectable by enemy radar-PRO-Undetectable by enemy killstreaks

Climber-Able to climb trees-PRO-Jump higher and climb sides of buildings to get in thourgh windows

Tier 3(some will also effect your player's look)

Ninja:Gives player a ghillie suit if not a sniper-PRO-Silent footsteps

Deciver-Able to change into enemies uniform for 30 seconds-PRO-Time extended to 60 seconds

FlakJacket-Protects agianst light explosions-PRO-Survive bigger explosions

Medic-Able to heal him/herself and teammates-PRO-Able to revive dead players

Double Tap-Gun shoots twice as fast-PRO-Bolt and pump action weapons are pumped faster

Deep Impact-Bullets go through walls better- Damage is increased by .75%(out of 1.00)

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