I speak for alot of people when i say zombies is the best think in WaW and BO. I was thinking for Black ops Treyarch should release a Map pack based around zombies. It should Include the 4 WaW maps, 1 or 2 new ones and if they can somehow piece this together and make it fun and not to challenging, a map editor. for example you can take multiplayer maps from Cod 3, WaW and of course Black ops. Being able to take a map, Hanoi for example and...

  • Being able to put guns on the walls and picking a RESONABLE price for them
  • adding openable doors and debris
  • mystery box spawn areas
  • picking about 25 guns to put in the box (max of 3 wonder weapons plus monkeybombs)
  • zombie spawns
  • places of entry for zombies
  • trap areas (any trap)
  • perkacola machines
  • what zombies to put in (nova zombies,regular,hellhounds,theif and possibly new zombies)
  • teleporters
  • packapunch machines
               Thank you for reading, please post comments about changes or if you agree etc.

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